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The best wordPress plugin to manage your content
A plugin known as Admin Columns Pro makes the process of adding and organizing new items in the WordPress administration area much simpler. Simple integration of user-defined fields, media, and other content types into admin columns. To make changes to the content of the site more quickly, you may modify these fields directly on the list view in the administration section.
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What is Admin Columns Pro?

A strong plugin that helps users manage, control, and alter WordPress Dashboard overview pages is called Admin Column Pro. It will more effectively increase the basic functionality of WordPress columns that are already accessible on overview pages for posts, pages, media, comments, users, and other custom post kinds.


You can filter, update, and sort your admin columns with WordPress Admin Columns Pro in a more effective and personalized manner. Additionally, inline column editing is supported. Most crucially, since the plugin has a drag-and-drop interface, no code is needed for any of this. It’s now simpler than ever to find the stuff you need by searching for it. In addition to 398+ strong columns for any form of material, including custom fields, the plugin supports WordPress Multisite networks.

Save time when modifying your columns.

The greatest time to modify your columns without even viewing their content is right now. The inline edit capability is what you need if you want to work in an atmosphere that is structured and clear.This is so that you may change your content while still on the overview page. Simply select “inline edit” to quickly change all of your data.

Clever filters

Finding what you want is tougher when websites start to expand. Well, this is no longer a hassle since you can quickly establish intelligent criteria using Admin Columns to filter and separate your data in the best way. Filtering your columns’ data with Admin Columns Pro is as easy as sorting.

Column sets are available to aid you

Have you found it more difficult to include whole columns in page overview because of your small screen? The column set function, on the other hand, is designed to quickly generate different views of your displays. You may choose with ease which column belongs in which column set and swap between them using a straightforward dropdown menu.

Simple sorting

Your WordPress material may occasionally need to be sorted according to any criteria, such as the quantity of comments, the size of the images, or the length of the text. With the help of this plugin, you can manage the content of your columns more easily and quickly. Your findings will be immediately stored to preferences when you finish sorting columns.

Admin Columns Pro Pricing: How much does the Admin Columns Pro Costs?

Admin Columns Pro offer 3 pricing plans. Those are Single, Business and Agency. The price of those plans are $89, $149 and $249 per year. They also offer 30 days money back guarantee. You should choose the plan which is the best fit for you.

Admin Columns Pro Pricing Plans

Admin Columns Pro Pricing

Conclusion and Recommendations

Because it is so simple to use and unobtrusive, Admin Columns Pro seems like a fundamental part of WordPress. It increases the admin columns overview pages’ built-in capabilities.

The plugin does a good job of expanding the capability of the WordPress core while also integrating well with other plugins and custom columns (like WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Yoast SEO, etc.). In addition to allowing you to add custom columns, such as many different custom field and content kinds, Admin Columns Pro also allows you to arrange the columns created by these plugins.

With more than 160 column kinds included, Admin Columns Pro may assist you in transforming your WordPress admin overview pages from a merely useful tool into a potent tool for organizing and saving time while working with your content’s data.

The ability to quickly examine postings and content information from the overview/list page is quite useful. The ability to amend material without having to go into each post, make the necessary adjustments, and save is also a huge time saver. By doing this, you may spend more time on tasks that generate income and less time revising your content.

Without touching any code, Admin Columns Pro enables you to completely personalize your overview column pages whether you’re building a straightforward blog or a sophisticated e-commerce store. All forms of data, including titles, custom fields and taxonomies, featured photos, and much more, may be sorted, filtered, and directly edited.

I strongly advise you to take a close look at this plugin because it is really important and might be useful to almost any WordPress user.

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Admin Columns Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Admin Columns Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons