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We will create your website per your needs with our Premium plugins and theme included, host it on our server and manage the maintenance.

What's included?

Website Creation

We will create the website you need. We can create any kind of website with WordPress (except custom development)

Maintenance & Hosting

We will update WordPress, the theme and plugins, we will make backups, monitor the uptime and secure your website

Help & Support

Get a WordPress and maintenance support. We can give you some tips to grow your results!

We will assist you from Zero to Hero


Why subscribe to maintenance?

Clicking on an “Update” button when prompted often leads to disasters. Especially if you perform this operation on a site in production, your technical knowledge is limited and you do not have recent backups of your site. The real risk lies in the interactions that exist between a multitude of extensions installed on your site and their compatibility. Updating one element can lead to conflicts with other elements of the site. In general, these conflicts are quickly repaired via ftp for a person who masters php development. For the others, the attempts of repair often contribute to worsen the situation gradually to reach sometimes a point of no return.

Your live site could crash

A faulty plugin or theme could bring your entire site down.

UX and UI issues

Incompatible themes can affect your site’s design and functionality, impacting your user experience.

Data Loss

An incompatible plugin can crash your entire database & cause irreparable data damage.

Missing Content

You could lose content pages, posts and content that you have spent hours on.

Broken Links and Images

Your live website could be missing pages, images, or even contain broken links.

Increased Downtime

Making changes on your live site could temporarily put your website out of action.

Why let a pro do the maintenance?

If you maintain your WordPress website yourself, you may have had to ask yourself several questions:

  • How to update wordpress without crashing my site?
  • How to update my plugins and themes without crashing my site?
  • How to go back after an update?
  • How to save my website?
  • How to make sure my site is compatible with new technologies (https, tls 1.2, etc.)?
  • How do I make sure my site is compatible with new legal constraints such as RGPD?
  • How do I update the php version of my hosting?
  • How can I improve the performance of my WordPress website?
Confused with maintenance of WordPress website

Save precious time and save yourself all these questions. We take care of your website every month to solve all these technical problems for you and guarantee a good functioning of your site.

What are the risks for a maintenance-free website?

bug maintenance
A problem is always lurking in the shadows...

Some maintain the assumption that wordpress maintenance is useless and list all possible arguments to support this position.
Here are 3 arguments that will help you make up your mind. A wordpress site regularly updated to the latest version natively integrates all the tools to become RGPD compliant. Updating the site allows you to correct all security flaws detected and published to protect you from hackers. Good preventive maintenance will save you from costly and counter-productive corrective maintenance. Therefore, integrate a budget dedicated to the maintenance of your website and you will put all the chances on your side to make the most of this cms.

Why WPBomb?

Our wordpress and woocommerce (e-commerce) maintenance service meets the needs of any owner of a WordPress site who does not want or do not have the skills to take care of the maintenance of his site. Some issues require specific technical skills that a web agency is not always able to offer. It can happen that an update does not go as planned… Delegate this task to professionals, and benefit from an up to date and always operational site! Don’t forget that a regularly updated site is for you the guarantee of: increased security, an optimal natural referencing and a professional image of your business.

What is included in our maintenance packages

A wordpress maintenance package for a reliable and always up to date website. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore, we’ll take care of the website maintenance for you! Preventive maintenance of your WordPress site is essential to guarantee you a reliable, secure site that is compatible with the latest news and legal obligations. If your website is important for your professional activity, don’t take any more risks, entrust it to a team of professionals by subscribing to our wordpress maintenance package.

WordPress Website Analysis

Before being able to take over the wordpress maintenance of your site, it is necessary to do a complete audit and a complete upgrade. We will only be able to take charge of the maintenance of a site after acceptance and the realization of a preliminary estimate of upgrade. Any maintenance quote therefore includes costs for taking charge of the wordpress site to be maintained.

Essential WordPress update

The maintenance of websites is like the annual revision of your car: it is essential to ensure its proper functioning in optimal safety conditions. WordPress maintenance of your site consists mainly in updating WordPress and installed plugins to the latest versions available. Upgrades increase the security of your site, ensure better operation and allow you to benefit from new features. The consultation of warnings and error codes allows you to intervene before a failure occurs. Find all the interventions of our maintenance contract. A professional WordPress site will require regular maintenance interventions to give full satisfaction.

Weekly operation

Every week, our team make sure to preventively operate on your website in order to carry out all the technical maintenance operations: install updates to the new version available, update wordpress plugin, update the theme,… You don’t have to worry about anything. This service is invoiced to you in monthly installments. The amount of this monthly payment depends on the complexity of your WordPress site and therefore on the time you need to spend each month to make all the necessary updates.

Weekly Preventive Maintenance Checklist :

  • Regular and complete backups of your site
  • Complete WordPress CMS update
  • Complete updates of the installed Plugins
  • Updating your theme
  • Checking and correcting WordPress warnings and error messages
  • Checking and correcting alert and error messages on your web hosting
  • Reporting points of improvement to be made on your site
  • Malware scan & removal at no extra cost

Choose your plan

Our offers are only for a website and without obligation. Nevertheless if you stop the subscription and we host your site, you will have to subscribe to our hosting plan or we will have to migrate your site elsewhere.

Blog / Showcase

For a Blog or Showcase Website
149 Monthly
  • Custom creation of your website
  • Basic page creation: Home, FAQ, About us, Contact
  • SEO optimization and speed
  • Premium Themes & Plugins included
  • Basic maintenance included
  • Hosting included
  • Tips and suggestions
  • 2h customer support
  • AMP System
  • Newsletter System


For an optimized Woocommerce Ecommerce or Dropshipping website
249 Monthly
  • Custom creation of your website
  • Basic page creation: Home, FAQ, About us, Contact
  • SEO optimization and speed
  • Tips and suggestions
  • Premium Themes & Plugins included
  • Basic maintenance included
  • Hosting included (Woocommerce optimized)
  • 4h customer support
  • Marketing Optimization: Abandoned cart notification + Promocode + Social proof...
  • PWA + AMP System
  • Live chat
  • Newsletter


Marketplace / Directory / Classified / Deal & coupon / Cashback Website
390 Monthly
  • Custom creation of your website
  • Basic page creation: Home, FAQ, About us, Contact
  • SEO optimization and speed
  • Tips and suggestions
  • Premium Themes & Plugins included
  • Basic maintenance included
  • Hosting included (Woocommerce optimized)
  • 4h customer support
  • Marketing Optimization: Abandoned cart notification + Promocode + Social proof...
  • PWA + AMP System
  • Live chat
  • Newsletter

Frequently Asked Questions

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You will be hosted on our Private Virtual Server (VPS) but we need to set a limit. If you have more than 200 visitors per day and your website weighs more than 5GB, it would be better to host your website on your own managed VPS, with Cloudways for example.

A WordPress site needs to be secure and constantly updated. If you don't, it can become vulnerable and your site will be hacked. If you regularly update your site yourself, it is also possible that a plugin or theme will break your website. By letting us do the maintenance for you, you won't have to worry anymore!