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In this review of ApproveMe eSignature, you’ll find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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An all-in-one solution to get Documents Signed with WordPress
With the help of a plugin known as ApproveMe eSignature, electronically signing papers via a WordPress website is not only simple but also quick and safe. The plugin comes equipped with a contract builder, the capability to store signed contracts as PDFs, the capacity to send signing reminders, and a great deal more besides. Additionally, it is simple to interface with a wide variety of plugins and applications developed by third parties.
Ease of use
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  • Cost-effective
  • Legal compliance
  • Comprehensive features
  • Ease of use
  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Initial setup learning curve
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You will get: Cost-effective Legal compliance Comprehensive features Ease of use

Ready to revolutionize the way you handle digital signatures? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into ApproveMe eSignature, the WordPress plugin that’s shaking up the eSignature game like a martini at a James Bond party.

From its jaw-dropping features to its Fort Knox-level security, this is the tool you didn’t know you needed but won’t be able to live without.

Intrigued? You should be. Keep reading to unravel the mystery of this digital game-changer.

Approveme esignature cover

What is ApproveMe eSignature ?

ApproveMe eSignature is a WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the electronic signing of documents directly on your website.

It offers a comprehensive eSignature solution that automates the paperwork process, allowing users to create custom workflows and securely own their data.

The plugin is compliant with UETA/ESIGN laws, making the eSignatures legally binding. It features a contract builder, custom input fields, and the ability to save signed documents as PDFs.

Unlike many other eSignature services, ApproveMe eSignature does not charge monthly fees per user, allowing for unlimited users and documents.

The platform is particularly beneficial for agencies, freelancers, and organizations looking to streamline their administrative tasks while ensuring legal compliance.

ApproveMe eSignature features

Ready to turn your WordPress site into a digital signing powerhouse? Let’s unpack the treasure trove of features that make ApproveMe eSignature the Swiss Army knife of online contracts.

Approveme esignature featuresDocument Templates

Allows users to create reusable document templates for frequently used contracts. This feature streamlines the process of sending out similar documents to different people.

URL Redirect After Signing

Automatically redirects signers to a specific URL after they have successfully signed a document. This could be a checkout form, another document, or any other web page.

User Registration

Creates or upgrades a WordPress user account automatically when a signer successfully signs a document. This integrates the signing process with user management.

Signer Uploaded Files

Enables the requirement for signers to upload files during the signing process. It allows the document owner to limit the types of files that can be uploaded.

UETA/ESIGN Compliant

Ensures that the plugin is compliant with UETA and ESIGN laws, making all eSignatures legally binding.

Approval Signer

Automates the contract approval process by setting up an approval signer who closes out a document once a signature is received on a public URL document.

Assign Signer Order

Allows the document sender to assign a signing order for the document. Signer invitation emails are triggered one-by-one after each priority signer signs the document.

eSignature Automation

Automates repetitive signature requests by creating a public URL or standalone document. This feature is useful for collecting signatures on waivers or similar documents.

Approveme esignature signatures

Unlimited Documents

Allows for the signing and storage of an unlimited number of documents, contracts, proposals, and estimates. There are no limitations on the number of documents you can handle.

Upload Logo & Branding

Customizes the document signing page by allowing the upload of your own logo. Also, enables customization of email templates and the addition of a custom cover page.

Signing Reminders

Sends automated reminders to signers who have not yet signed the document. It acts like a virtual assistant, ensuring that documents get signed in a timely manner.

Custom Input Fields

Allows the document sender to require signers to fill in text fields, select radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, and even upload files before signing.

Save as PDF

Enables the download or email attachment of signed documents as a PDF, providing a convenient way to store and share signed documents.

Add Custom Message

Gives the document sender the option to add a custom message to the signer invite email, allowing for personalized communication.

Assign Documents to Roles

Enables the assignment of documents to specific user roles within a WordPress client portal, providing a more organized way to manage contracts.

Approveme esignature integrations

Contract Builder

Offers an easy-to-use contract builder for creating legally binding contracts directly from your WordPress website.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Optimized for mobile devices, allowing people to sign contracts in-person using Android or iPad tablets.

Two Factor Verification

Adds an extra layer of security by requiring signers to enter a unique password and access code to view the document.

Tamper-Resistant Technology

Each document generated has a tamper-resistant Document ID, ensuring the integrity of the document.

ApproveMe eSignature pricing

Hold onto your wallets! We’re about to delve into the pricing plans that make ApproveMe eSignature as irresistible as a Black Friday sale, but without the stampedes.

Approveme esignature pricingLifetime Deal


  • Price: $699 (Normally $2999)
  • Savings: $2,300
  • Features:
    • Lifetime Access (no renewals)
    • Use on 10 Sites
    • Unlimited Documents, Signers, Users/Senders
    • Lifetime updates

The Elite Bundle

  • Price: $349.50 (Normally $1448)
  • Renewal: $299.50/year
  • Savings: $1,098.50
  • Features:
    • 100+ ready-to-sign templates
    • Contract Template Membership
    • Access to future contracts
    • Unlimited template downloads
    • 500+ best contract tips
    • 80 specific contract templates
    • 20 general business documents


  • Price: $299.50 (Normally $999)
  • Renewal: $299.50/year
  • Savings: $699.50
  • Features:
    • Upload/Add Your Branding
    • Auto-Add My Signature
    • Signing Reminder Emails
    • Document Templates
    • Assign Signer Order
    • Add Custom Message to Email
    • WordPress User Registration
    • Approval Signers
    • WordPress Document Portal
    • URL Redirect After Signing
    • Site Management for 5 Sites


  • Price: $199.50 (Normally $599)
  • Renewal: $249.50/year
  • Savings: $399.50
  • Features:
    • Unlimited Documents, Signers
    • Draw/Type Signature
    • UETA/ESIGN/GDPR Compliant
    • Stand Alone Documents
    • Document Activity Notifications
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Signer Input Fields
    • Signer Uploaded Fields
    • Save as PDF
    • Mobile-Friendly Experience
    • Contract Builder
    • 1 Year of Support, Downloads, Updates
    • 1 User/Sender, 1 Site


ApproveMe eSignature is a robust WordPress plugin that offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to automate and streamline the document signing process.

It’s an all-in-one solution that allows you to create custom workflows, securely own your data, and ensure that all eSignatures are UETA/ESIGN compliant.

The platform is particularly beneficial for agencies, freelancers, and organizations looking to reduce administrative burdens and ensure legal compliance.

With features like contract builders, custom input fields, and unlimited document storage, it offers a level of flexibility and customization that is unmatched by many other eSignature services.


  • Ease of Use: The platform is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with WordPress.
  • Comprehensive Features: From contract building to custom input fields, it offers a wide range of features.
  • Legal Compliance: All eSignatures are UETA/ESIGN compliant, making them legally binding.
  • Cost-Effective: Unlike many other eSignature services, it offers unlimited users and documents without monthly fees.


  • Initial Setup: While user-friendly, the initial setup might require some time to understand all the features.
  • Cost: The upfront cost may be a barrier for small businesses, although it pays off in the long run with no monthly fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ApproveMe eSignature really worth the Hype ?

Oh, you betcha! ApproveMe eSignature is like the Swiss Army knife of eSignature solutions but without the awkward pocket bulge. It’s got everything from contract builders to custom input fields. Plus, it’s UETA/ESIGN compliant, so your eSignatures are as legit as a grandma’s secret cookie recipe.

Can I use it on any website ?

Hold your horses, cowboy! This bad boy is a WordPress plugin, so you’ll need a self-hosted WordPress site to get this rodeo started. If you’re not on WordPress, you might want to consider switching or look for another eSignature solution that plays well with your platform.

Are there any downsides ?

Well, nothing’s perfect, not even grandma’s cookies (don’t tell her I said that). The initial setup might require some time to get used to, and the upfront cost could be a barrier for some. But hey, quality doesn’t come cheap!

Is it secure ?

As secure as Fort Knox! With features like two-factor authentication and tamper-resistant technology, you can sleep like a baby knowing your documents are safe and sound.

How does it compare to other eSignature Solutions ?

Like a fine wine among grocery store grape juice. It’s got a high rating based on user reviews and offers a range of features that many other platforms don’t. Plus, it’s specifically designed for WordPress, making it a go-to choice for WP users.

Can I customize the signing experience ?

Absolutely! You can add your own branding, create custom messages, and even redirect signers to a specific URL after they’ve signed. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, but without the calories.

What about Updates and Support ?

You get lifetime updates with some plans, and the support is said to be top-notch. It’s like having a guardian angel, but for your documents.

Is it Eco-Friendly ?

Yes, and Captain Planet would be proud! By going digital, you’re reducing paper waste and your carbon footprint. So not only are you efficient, but you’re also a planet-saving hero.

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ApproveMe eSignature Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
ApproveMe eSignature Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons