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Add live category filters with custom taxonomies, Add locations with a new or existing custom post type, Use location data from existing KML, XML, or JSON on the local or a remote server

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In this review of Cardinal Store Locator, you’ll find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Advanced locator plugin for WordPress with a host of features
Cardinal Store Locator is a powerful locator and mapping plugin that leverages the Google Maps API and contains a large number of options and customization. You may edit map markers, add Snazzy Maps design, filter by category and much more.
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer Support
  • High data compatibility
  • Highky customizable
  • User experience
  • Ease of use
  • Relies on Google Maps API
  • Overwhelming for beginners
  • Quite expensive for small businesses
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You will get: High data compatibility Highky customizable User experience Ease of use

Ready to unlock the mysteries of Cardinal Store Locator, the WordPress plugin that’s more versatile than a Swiss Army knife?

Whether you’re wrestling with geocoding dilemmas, navigating the labyrinth of compatibility issues, or simply wondering if good deeds get you discounts, this review has got you covered.

Swipe right and let’s dive into the questions you didn’t even know you had!

Cardinal Store Locator cover

What is Cardinal Store Locator ?

Cardinal Store Locator is a WordPress plugin designed to add a fully functional store locator to a WordPress website. The plugin requires the user to enter a license key for activation and offers a range of settings for customization.

It utilizes the Google Maps API for mapping and location services, and users can even create a secondary Geocoding API key for back-end requests.

The plugin is compatible with various data source settings, including the default “Register Locations Post Type” or “Other Custom Post Type.”

It also mandates the setup of billing information as Google Maps now requires a valid credit card on file, although a $200 free monthly credit tier is available.

Cardinal Store Locator features

Ready to turn your website into a navigational nirvana? Buckle up as we explore the features that make Cardinal Store Locator the GPS of the WordPress world.

Live Category Filters

Cardinal Store Locator filter

Cardinal Locator allows users to add live category filters using custom taxonomies and standard address post meta fields. You can choose between a select field, checkboxes, or radio buttons for each category.

Maximum Distance Select

Users have the ability to narrow their search results by enabling a maximum distance setting.

Add Locations with Custom Post Types

Cardinal Store Locator location

The plugin enables you to use either a built-in custom post type for locations or an existing one if you already have your location data in WordPress.

Search Locations by Name

An additional field can be added to search locations by name instead of address or zip code.

Use External Location Data

Cardinal Store Locator kml

You can use location data from existing KML, XML, or JSON files on either a local or remote server. This is useful if you prefer to keep your location data outside of WordPress.

Unit of Length

You can select miles or kilometers as the unit of length.

Map Existing Address and Coordinate Fields

Cardinal Store Locator map

If you already have location data in WordPress, you can map existing address and coordinate meta fields so the plugin can read them.

Map Types

Choose between four map types: road map, satellite, hybrid, or terrain.

Country Select Drop-Down

Cardinal Store Locator region

For businesses operating in multiple countries, a country select drop-down is available for region biasing, helping Google’s Geocoding API better determine the region of the request.

Custom Handlebars Templates

You can override the default location list and infowindow markup with custom Handlebars templates.

Custom Map Styling

Cardinal Store Locator styling

You can implement custom map styling from Snazzy Maps or create your own to change the look of the map.

Feature Specific Locations

You can feature specific locations at the top of the results regardless of distance.

Custom Category Marker Images

Cardinal Store Locator category

The plugin allows you to distinguish location categories with different marker images.


The plugin supports pagination if you prefer to return several results per search.

Custom Origin Marker Image

Cardinal Store Locator origin

You can highlight the user’s input location with a custom marker image.

Locator in Modal Window

The store locator location results and map can be displayed in a modal window for added focus.

Inline Directions

Cardinal Store Locator inline directions

Users can view traveling directions from their input location to one of your locations without leaving the site.

Display Locations Visible on Map

The location list will only show data from markers that are visible on the map.

Cardinal Store Locator pricing

Wondering if Cardinal Store Locator will break the bank or be the best investment since Bitcoin? Let’s dive into the dollars and cents of it all.

Cardinal Store Locator pricing

  • Single Site Plan
    • Price: $80
    • Features:
      • Install on dev, stage, and prod environments
      • 1 year of updates
      • 1 year of support
    • Billing: Billed once per year until cancelled
  • Unlimited Sites Plan
    • Price: $350
    • Features:
      • Install on unlimited sites
      • 1 year of updates
      • 1 year of support
    • Billing: Billed once per year until cancelled

Note: All purchases are subject to terms and conditions. Prices are listed in US dollars.


Cardinal Store Locator is a robust WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly integrate a store locator feature into your website.

The plugin is highly customizable, offering a range of settings from live category filters to custom map styling. It’s designed for users who want a straightforward solution without the need for coding.

The plugin also supports various data formats like KML, XML, and JSON, and allows for the mapping of existing address and coordinate meta fields.

It even offers inline directions to guide your customers from their current location to one of your stores, enhancing user experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Ease of Use: No coding required; just drag and drop the shortcode.
  • Customization: Multiple options for map styling and data sources.
  • User Experience: Offers inline directions and live category filters.
  • Data Compatibility: Supports KML, XML, and JSON data formats.


  • Cost: The pricing might be a concern for small businesses.
  • Complexity: While it’s easy to use, the multitude of options can be overwhelming for some users.
  • Dependency: Relies on Google Maps API, which requires a valid credit card for billing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my screen emptier than my social calendar after installing Cardinal Store Locator ?

Ah, the existential crisis of an empty screen. If you’ve added a location and the shortcode to a page but see nada, try deactivating and reactivating the plugin. This clears the location data transient, and hopefully, your existential dread.

Can I use this plugin without a map ? I’m directionally challenged.

Sorry, map-avoiders! According to Google’s TOS, you must display geocoding results on a map. So, you’ll have to face your cartographical fears head-on.

Do I need to be a geocoding genius to add locations ?

Nope! If you’re adding or updating a location using the built-in custom post type, Cardinal Store Locator will automatically geocode the location for you. Just make sure you’re connected to the internet; otherwise, you’re navigating blind.

What if I have a ton of locations ? Like, more than my Tinder matches.

If you have more than 1,000 locations, there’s a setting under the Primary Settings tab that enables a different technique for searching. It sets up a custom, indexed database table of all the location coordinates. Swipe right on that!

Can I override location coordinates ? Google thinks my store is in the Bermuda Triangle.

Yes, you can! If Google’s coordinates aren’t accurate, you can override them with custom fields. Use ‘latitude’ and ‘longitude’ as the meta key names. Just don’t send your customers into another dimension.

Are there any known frenemies ? (Compatibility issues, I mean)

A few. Themify themes and Toolset Views/Google Maps plugins can be a bit finicky. Also, CForm Builder seems to want to be the star of the show and overrides all Google Maps includes. Drama, right?

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Cardinal Store Locator Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Cardinal Store Locator Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons