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Beautiful & Powerful Recipe Plugin for WordPress
Cooked Pro is a paid WordPress plugin for managing recipes that expands upon the capabilities of the open-source Cooked plugin. The pro edition includes support for additional taxonomies for recipe data, user ratings and favorites, social sharing, recipe submissions, and more. In addition to that, it offers extra choices for the arrangement of recipes.
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What is Cooked Pro?

Our talented WordPress developers are always formulating fresh plugin ideas, and occasionally we learn about the publication of a new plugin. Choosing which plugins to include in your web portal depends on your level of WordPress expertise, your budget, and the effectiveness and multi-tasking of the plugins you intend to use. Some may not be as useful as others. One such creation that is specialized in application yet may include the entirety of the user’s concept is the Cooked Pro Plugin. The plugin is related to recipes and culinary concepts, as its name would imply.

With its more sophisticated features and contemporary design, the Cooked Pro Plugin for WordPress is even better than the Cooked Classic. Now that style has been implemented, all food bloggers may advance their recipes! The user-friendly design benefits viewers as well as publishers since it produces a more aesthetically pleasing result.


Let’s examine some of this popular WordPress plugin’s distinguishing qualities:

  • For each recipe, you may use a different template.
  • Nutritional information is shown, and the portion size picked by the visitor alters the information.
  • Viewers can utilize one or more cooking times with the Cooked Pro Plugin, which can be interrupted or reset as needed.
  • To get a larger image and a better experience, go to full-screen mode.
  • Each recipe is capable of having an own photo gallery. Additionally, each image may have its own description, and the slider makes it perfect for viewing on a mobile device.
  • Another nice choice is to include a YouTube or Vimeo video with your dish.
  • Anything may be dragged and dropped, including materials, instructions, and a number of photos.

Everything you need to share your food with the world is included in our Free Recipe Plugin. In comparison to Cooked Classic, Cooked Pro offers far more effective customer help should you run into any problems. Because it allows for extensive customization, this plugin is particularly well-liked among developers.

Why do you want Cooked Pro?

This WordPress Plugin was created for professionals, as its name indicates. In order to target the correct readership and provide them with the most help feasible, authors might include difficulty levels, preparation time, or replacement components. Since people’s lives are changing and they want to know what they are eating, displaying your recipe’s nutritional worth is another benefit. You are likely to draw in lots of weight watchers and fitness fanatics if your meal is appealing and low in calories.

A work that takes hours may be completed in a matter of minutes with the aid of Cooked Pro, which is simple to install and will help you manage recipes more quickly and make them appear very organized. It’s possible to pass off a straightforward dish as something elegant, which is exactly what you want. A crucial aspect of cuisine is presentation, and our Free Recipe Plugin may work wonders. To get a sense of its capabilities and design style, you may also watch a few review videos.

Visitors’ accessibility makes it more likely that they will give you positive evaluations and reviews. Sometimes the smallest elements have a huge impact. Every blogger may benefit from the compact approach of the Cooked Pro Plugin, which offers a straightforward yet appealing appearance for your recipes. Therefore, you may anticipate receiving more approval and stars from viewers.

Cooked Pro Pricing: How much does the Cooked Pro costs?

Cooked Pro offers three pricing plans. Those are Single Site Licence, Five Site Licence and Lifetime Licence. The price of the yearly plans are $39  and $99 per year respectively. The price of the Lifetime licence is $199 for lifetime. You can choose the plan which is the best fit for you.

Cooked Pro Pricing Plans

Cooked Pro Pricing


After testing a few options, we can confidently state that the Cooked Pro plugin is the greatest option on the market for foodie bloggers and that it can be relied upon. The staff behind it is the greatest part; they offer prompt assistance, thorough documentation, and, most importantly, a free trial version of the plugin.

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Cooked Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Cooked Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons