Pre-configured Ecommerce website provided with the best solutions

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Generally, the cost of creating an Ecommerce/Dropshipping site with WordPress + Woocommerce varies between 1 000 and 3 000€. Why is the price so high? 🤔


Easily 70% of the amount concerns customization (choice of fonts, widget layout, color change…), support and content addition (pages, articles, products, categories…). However, we find it more logical that you learn how to do it yourself to become more autonomous and greatly limit the costs of the project.

🤩 With our solution, you save a lot of money, benefit from the best solutions and learn how to control your site! 🤩

In addition, you will get access to your Ecommerce site in less than 48 hours! Whereas it would normally take at least 2 weeks before you see the color.


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Why is our offer the best solution?
Before detailing all the features of our offer, we will show you that subscribing to our offer is the best choice you can make. We will compare the different competing solutions based on the same functionalities we offer.

The features of our offer
You will get an Ecommerce site with the following features:

Superb Marketing Optimized Theme (free shipping calculator, mobile format, countdown, wishlist, product comparator)
Pre-configured site
Elementor compatible (page builder)
Roulette or coupon code in the exchange of an email
Recall basket abandonment
Social proof, pop-up display showing the completed orders
Powerful notification system with reminder, promo code, images, display of notices on the site
Affiliate system
Live chat
Advanced SEO
Speed and image optimization
Content (themes and plugins) translated into French
Hosting of your site on a dedicated server
Training + Forum in French
Owner of your site? Yes, for the cost of 10 months (590€), we migrate your site to your server and you no longer need to pay monthly.
Our offer offers everything you can read above, for only 59€/month! (limited offer)



shopify rates:
Shopify is at a price of 29€/month + 2% commission taken from your sales.

So we will start with this subscription, assuming that you make 2000€ of turnover (that is surely less than 1000€ of profit) with the desired functionalities below.

Optimized Marketing theme (free delivery calculator, mobile format, countdown, wishlist, product comparator) = costs between 100 and 300€ per year
Pre-configured site = NO
Compatible elementor (page builder) = costs between 20 and 60€/month
Roulette or coupon code in exchange of an email = with Recart costs 50€/month
Recall shopping cart abandonment = with Recart costs 50€/month
Social proof, pop-up display showing completed orders = costs about 30€/month
Powerful notification system with reminder, promo code, images, display of notices on the site = costs between 30 and 60€/month
Affiliate system = Free
Livechat = with Recart costs 50€/month
PWA + AMP = costs about 30€/month
Advanced SEO = costs about 20€/month
Speed and image optimization = costs about 30€/month (not really necessary)
Content (themes and plugins) translated into French = NO and often the € is on the left side of the price (€50) .
Hosting of your site on dedicated server = on their optimized but less efficient servers
Training + Forum in French = NO, support in English
Owner of your site? NO
So that makes them subscriptions to be added. Practically all Shopify applications are paid for…


So to get a Shopify site with the same features we offer, it would cost you between 300 and 370€/month (2% commission included, based on 2000€ of turnover per me). And of course, the more you will increase your turnover, the more it will increase. rates
WordPress offers an Ecommerce solution at 45€/month (to be paid annually) which in fact allows you to have the same functionality as if you were using WordPress by yourself for free.

Moreover, they hide well from saying it but they are incompatible with some plugins.


Our solution is based on WordPress so you could get the same functionality. We will highlight the only differences:

Pre-configured site = NO
Speed optimization (incompatible WPRocket) and images
Content (themes and plugins) translated into French = NO
Hosting your site on a dedicated server = NO, slow server
Training + Forum in French = NO, support in English
Owner of your site? NO
In addition, they use the Jetpack plugin, which usually slows down the site and brings problems …


So going through would cost you around 600€/year (impossible to pay monthly) and you will get a slow site, without training, without translation of themes and plugins and with English support.

Our pre-configured Ecommerce offer
Our pre-configured Ecommerce solution uses the PinkMart premium theme (30€ for life), it will be preferable that you buy its license to get updates and support. You will be able to import the demo that suits you and directly get a quality site.

See the demos

We use several premium extensions (the license will be provided to you) that we will detail below.

We also use several plugins to add marketing effects and increase the conversion rate. Their free offer is sufficient but to get more features, you will have to buy their premium version (about 20€ lifetime per plugin).


So you will have to plan about 100€ of expenses to get additional features.


Features of the Ecommerce site

Marketing Optimization
The higher the conversion rate, the more sales you will make and the more money you will earn!

To do this, you need to set up marketing tools :

Roulette promo code in the exchange of an email then stored in Mailchimp.
Cart abandonment reminder (if the customer adds a product to the cart and then leaves the site, he will receive a reminder by email). With template already created. First reminder email 1 hour after abandoning the cart then 2nd reminder email 1 day later.
Social proof, display pop-ups on your site that show customers that your product has been purchased by “this person”. This will display your real orders.
Add the possibility for your customers to add photos to their reviews, receive a promo code after a review is published, automate a reminder to publish a review, display all your reviews on one page.
Did you know that 76.9% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart? That’s a huge shopping cart abandonment rate, people who browse your site, add items to their shopping cart, reach the last step of the ordering process, and then… close the browser tab 🤯. Getting a way to remind them that they did not validate their order or offering them a free coupon code / delivery will definitely convert them into buyers!

Affiliate system
If you want to propose an affiliate system to get affiliates (partners) and pay them commission, you can do it. You will be able to pay the paid commission rate and sellers will be able to pay the paid commission for their products.


This system is perfect to give the possibility to your partners to advertise your products and to be paid by the result (influencers, partners…).


Advanced SEO Setup
We are particularly satisfied with the free Rankmath plugin (the most powerful currently), however its configuration is rather complex for a beginner.

You will be trained to its configuration, you will learn :

Link the Google search console
Add the sitemap to the search console
Automate meta descriptions
Optimize your referencing
Set up automatic redirections to avoid errors 404


Optimization of the site: cache + image compression 🚀
Cache system
Optimizing the loading time and the weight of your site is very important. On the one hand, so as not to scare away visitors and on the other hand, Google likes it!


We use the best cache plugin: WProcket, it is paying (about 50€/year) and its license is included in our offer.


Of course, you will be trained to use it AND the plugin will be perfectly tuned to get the best performance without touching anything 😎.

Image optimization
Images are an integral part of a website. Uncompressed, they can be between 2 and 6MB each. Your site can in a few images become very heavy and load very slowly!


The system will already be optimized to fully optimize and make your site as light as a feather! 🍃


Nevertheless, you will learn the best methods to compress your images, display them in WebP and Lazyload.

And yes you will not be idle, you will learn so much that your brain will explode 🤯

Security system

We use a Premium security system. Its license costs about 60€/year.

You will get the security system already set up with license included 👌, a training to improve and strengthen its security.


Don’t take this lightly, believe us to find ourselves with a site that is Offline or that refers your visitors to ads “Activate your antivirus” / “Sabrina is close to you and thinks you’re cute”, it hurts your butt…

RGPD System 👮♂
The General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD) is mandatory since May 25, 2018.
Attention, the RGPD is not to be taken lightly either, fines can go up to € 20 million. For more information, click here.


You will be trained to set up a plugin and learn the good manners to respect the RGPD.


Be careful, we are not RGPD expert, if you want to be sure and sure to be 100% compliant, you will have to put the money on the table and contact a specialist.


Hosting on our dedicated server

Your Ecommerce / Dropshipping site will be hosted on our dedicated server. If you don’t know what a dedicated server is, tell yourself that it is much better than the 5€/month hosting offers.


You will get 20GB of storage (SSD) and 20GB/month of traffic maximum. Our offer is more or less equivalent to Kinsta’s PRO offer (60$/month).


Attention, to limit the possible errors on your part, we will not give you access to the panel of our server. Everything can be done from the administration of your WordPress site.

We want quality customers

When you say it like that, it can be scary. We simply want our customers to not do anything or to come down to earth. To do this, we will give you the best solutions and we will give you a slap on the wrist if you go all over the place.


Example 1: A lady was complaining in a Facebook WordPress support group that WordPress is not suitable, that she has referenced 100,000 products and that she is afraid to add 1,000,000 more (afraid it will bug). First of all, after visiting her website, the products have no description, the title is not optimized, the site is not optimized and SEO level: nada. What’s the point of having 1 million products that can’t be found on Google and that don’t bring any value to potential customers?


If you want to add hundreds of thousands of products, do it correctly otherwise it’s useless. Correctly, i.e. with a detailed and relevant description.


Let’s say you manage to add 20 products per day, that would make 600 products/month on your site. Or 7200 products/year. Good luck, to reach the limits of WordPress this way… And believe us, you will get results.


Example 2: Another lady was complaining that she often had problems with every update, bugs or whatever, and that she had to pay people to fix the problems every time. So she wanted to use Wix (25€/month).


Why does she have so many problems ? Because she didn’t use the right methods from the start.

Would using Wix be the solution? NO! You don’t own the site, impossible optimizations, bad referencing, much less features/plugins than WordPress, less marketing effects, no “Wix developers”…


Example 3: A man complained that he had a slow Ecommerce site with only 100 products, that Woocommerce is not adapted and that all the Webmasters who helped him had different bell sounds. So he switched to Prestashop and was satisfied.


Indeed, in the WordPress support groups on Facebook, many allow themselves to say anything and everything. There are also a lot of WordPress webmasters (commonly called “WordPress developers”) who are incompetent and don’t try to improve.


Can’t a Woocommerce site support 100 products? If its site was slow, it is not the fault of the products. Maybe his images were too heavy, he was not using the right plugins, a shared server… There are many reasons. Believe us, a WordPress + Woocommerce site can easily have up to 100,000 products and show no signs of weakness.


Is Prestashop better? NO! It’s better for Ecommerce sites with more than 10,000 products but you’ll need a big budget. All the functionalities to be added are paid, there is no page builder, at the level of referencing it remains to be desired and etc …

Owning the licenses does not allow you to take advantage of the customer support of the premium plugins, it only allows you to use the plugins and get their updates.

Any questions? Talk to us 👉