This plugin helps WP administrators to consent GDPR.

Features available in PRO version

– Accept expiry days setting. You can set period when non-logged visitors will se consent bar again.

– Allow shortcodes in “Embed code” field.

– Allow to choose where to embed code in footer or header (inside <head> html block).

– Disable all services by default.


– Premium support

– Free updates


Option “Accept expiry days”. After this period user will see banner cookie consent bar again. This period will affect only non-logged vistitors. Logged in visitors won’t see bar anymore.

Option “Print codes in header insted of in footer”. You can choose where to embed your codes. For example, If you install Google Analytics you will need to embed code in <head> section. By default, all codes are embed in footer.

Option “Disable all services by default”. Checking this option will disable all services for every new site visitor.