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Turn your form submissions into useful content
GravityView is an addon for Gravity Forms that focuses on the front-end presentation of the data that a form gathers and is designed to be used in conjunction with Gravity Forms. The information may be arranged and seen in a number of formats, and it is also very simple to sort and filter. In addition to this, there is a built-in approval procedure for the data that enables easy acceptance or rejection of submissions.
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What is GravityView?

However, Gravity Forms does not permit you to show all of the data you gather on the website’s front end. That’s a problem since you need a mechanism to display the information to your visitors for some forms in addition to collecting it.

In this situation, GravityView is useful. You may use GravityView to display the form entries from Gravity Forms in a variety of ways on the front end of your website.

For instance, you may automatically show event submissions on the front end of your website for users to peruse if you have an event directory where individuals can submit events using a Gravity Forms form. There are countless options.

GravityView Features

‘Gravity Forms gathers information. The data is shown using GravityView.

In other words, you may do what I just said and show information from Gravity Forms entries on the front end of your website.

With the help of a drag-and-drop layout builder provided by GravityView, you can customize the appearance of that data. One widget may display the information from a particular form field, while another would display a search box enabling users to look through all of the entries.

All sorts of form data, including pictures, music, video, review scores, and more, may be included into your layouts.

GravityView Pricing: How much does the GravityView costs?

GravityView offers 4 kinds of pricing plans. The name of the plan is GravityView Core, Core + Extensions, All Access Pass and One Payment and the price of the plan is $69, $159 and $399 and per year respectively and $1499 for lifetime. You can choose the plan which is perfect fit for you.

GravityView Pricing Plans

GravityView pricing


GravityView is fairly well-liked in the world of Gravity Forms, and for good reason. Simply said, it’s the simplest method I’ve discovered for adding Gravity Forms entries to your website’s front end.

Even while there are alternative choices for some use situations, such adding entries as a custom post type and showing them on your website, they are typically more complicated or limited than utilizing GravityView.

A view may be easily and intuitively created. More significantly, unless you wish to construct your own custom layout, it doesn’t require any understanding of PHP, HTML, or CSS, so you don’t need to be a developer to benefit from this tool.

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GravityView Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
GravityView Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons