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In this review of Instagram Feed Pro, you’ll find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Display completely customizable Instagram feeds on your website
There is a plugin for WordPress called Instagram Feed Pro that allows users to show entirely customisable Instagram feeds on their websites. The plugin gives users the opportunity to choose feeds from persons or hashtags, in addition to offering a variety of different layout choices. Using Instagram Feed Pro, you can make your Instagram feeds shoppable by tying individual photographs to the URLs of specified websites.
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  • Easy to set up and customize
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Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website with Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon—a game-changing plugin that transforms your site into a social media powerhouse. Imagine effortlessly converting casual site visitors into loyal Instagram followers, boosting your brand’s engagement, and skyrocketing your sales, all while enhancing your SEO. Intrigued? Read on to discover how this feature-packed plugin can revolutionize your online presence.

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What is Instagram Feed Pro ?

Instagram Feed Pro is a WordPress plugin developed by Smash Balloon. Launched in 2013, the plugin allows users to easily embed customizable Instagram feeds on their WordPress websites without requiring any technical skills or coding knowledge. It aims to convert site visitors into Instagram followers and future customers.

The plugin is designed to be user-friendly, customizable, and reliable. It also offers features like live feed previews, easy feed moderation, and ready-made feed templates. Instagram Feed Pro is optimized for performance, ensuring it doesn’t slow down your website. It is trusted by over 1.75 million users and is used by major brands like Coca-Cola and Indeed. The plugin also offers a free version with limited features, known as Social Photo Feed.

Instagram Feed Pro features

Dive into the extensive range of features that Instagram Feed Pro offers, designed to elevate your website’s social media integration to the next level.

Feed creation wizard

Allows users to set up their instagram feed within 30 seconds. It offers a simple authorization process and easy embedding options for wordpress pages, posts, or widgets.

Visual feed customizer

Provides a real-time customization interface, eliminating the need for design or technical knowledge.

Search engine accessible

Embeds instagram content directly into web pages to improve dynamic content relevance for seo.

Multiple feeds with no limitations

Enables the display of multiple feeds on the same page or throughout the site. Users can customize each feed individually and even combine different feed types.

Smart post caching backup system

Intelligently caches parts of the feed to minimize instagram requests and improve loading speed. Includes a backup cache for reliability.

GDPR compliance

Automatically integrates with popular gdpr consent plugins and offers a 1-click gdpr setting for compliance.

Page speed optimized

Designed to minimize external requests and load optimized images, ensuring it doesn’t slow down your website.

User profiles feeds

Supports feeds from personal, business, or creator instagram accounts.

Hashtag feeds

Fully compatible with the latest instagram api, allowing hashtag feeds without scraping instagram’s website.

Shoppable feeds

Allows linking instagram posts to custom urls by adding the url to the post caption.

Tagged feeds

Displays posts where the user has been tagged, enhancing audience engagement.

Instagram stories

Enables the display of instagram stories on your website in a pop-up lightbox.

Health alerts for your feed

Includes a site health check integration and can send email alerts for feed issues.

Multiple layout options

Offers built-in layout options like grid, carousel, masonry, and highlight.

Highlight specific posts

Allows users to highlight specific posts in the feed using various methods like set patterns or specific hashtags.

Easily filter or moderate posts

Offers powerful moderation tools to include or exclude specific photos or words in your posts.

Advanced feed customization

Provides granular control over feed display with built-in customization options and code snippets for advanced customization.

Display post comments

Displays comments on your posts in a popup lightbox, similar to instagram.

Popup media lightbox

Allows viewing of photos and videos in a pop-up lightbox without leaving your site.

Instagram oembed support for wordpress

Adds back instagram oembed support in wordpress, which was removed due to api changes.

Easy share option to boost reach

Includes built-in share options for sharing instagram posts directly from your website to various social media networks.

Responsive and mobile optimized

Designed with mobile devices in mind, ensuring it looks great on any screen size and is touch screen ready.

Developer-friendly templating and hooks

Offers a templating system for custom html output and built-in hooks for modifying feed settings and functionality.

Embed anywhere

Allows feed display anywhere on your site using gutenberg block, wordpress widget, or plugin shortcode.

Built with reliability in mind

Designed for reliability with intelligent feed caching, robust backup system, and smart issue reporting alerts.

International language support

Supports text string translation in feeds and is fully compatible with the wpml (wordpress multilingual) plugin.

Instagram Feed Pro pricing

Explore the flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of individual bloggers, businesses, and even large agencies.

Instagram Feed Pro pricing

  • Personal Plan: Costs $49 per year. This plan is designed for individual users and offers basic features for displaying Instagram content on a single website.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $99 per year. This plan allows you to use Instagram Feed Pro on up to 5 websites and comes with additional features compared to the Personal plan.
  • Developer Plan: Costs $149 per year. This plan is aimed at developers and agencies, offering licenses for multiple websites and advanced features.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and are currently available at a 50% discount. The plans also offer a 20% commission through an affiliate program if you refer new clients.


Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon is a must-have for anyone looking to seamlessly integrate their social media presence into their website. This WordPress plugin not only allows you to display feeds from Instagram but also from other major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. With its user-friendly interface, you can set up and customize your feeds without any coding skills. It’s optimized for mobile and performance, ensuring your website remains fast and accessible. The plugin also offers SEO benefits, as it allows search engines to read the content on your social feeds. With over 1.6 million users and an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, it’s a trusted solution for enhancing your website with dynamic, social proof elements.


  • User-Friendly: Easy to set up and customize without coding.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Integrates feeds from multiple social media platforms.
  • SEO Benefits: Improves your website’s search engine ranking.
  • Performance Optimized: Ensures your website remains fast.
  • Mobile Optimized: Fully responsive design.


  • Cost: While there is a free version, the Pro version is paid.
  • Learning Curve: With numerous features, it may take time to explore all functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy is it to set up Instagram Feed Pro ?

The plugin offers a 3-step feed creation process and a visual feed customizer with a live preview. This makes it extremely user-friendly, even for those who are new to WordPress.

Is Instagram Feed Pro SEO-Friendly ?

Yes, the plugin is designed to be SEO-friendly. It embeds Instagram content directly into your web pages, improving the site’s dynamic content relevance for search engines.

Can I display multiple types of feeds ?

Absolutely. Instagram Feed Pro allows you to display multiple feeds on the same page or throughout your website. You can customize each feed individually and even combine different feed types like hashtag feeds, tagged feeds, and user profile feeds.

Is the Plugin GDPR Compliant ?

Yes, Instagram Feed Pro is GDPR compliant. It automatically integrates with popular GDPR consent plugins and offers a 1-click GDPR setting for compliance.

Does Instagram Feed Pro affect Website performance ?

The plugin is optimized for performance, ensuring that it doesn’t slow down your website. It minimizes external requests and loads optimized images.

What kind of customer support does Instagram Feed Pro offer ?

The plugin is backed by a strong customer support team that is ready to assist you with any issues you may face. They have WordPress experts who can help you optimize your Instagram feeds for best results.

Is there a Free Version available ?

Yes, there is a free version called Social Photo Feed. However, it comes with limited features compared to the Pro version.

Can I Use Instagram Feed Pro with Elementor ?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with Elementor, allowing you to embed Instagram feeds on your Elementor site as well.

Are There Any Known Issues or Limitations ?

Some users have reported that the feed does not update automatically. However, this seems to be a rare issue and is usually resolved by the support team.

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Instagram Feed Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Instagram Feed Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons