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Juicer を使用して Web サイトに WordPress ソーシャル メディア プラグインを追加する
Juicer は、WordPress Web サイトのユーザーが集約されたソーシャル ネットワーク フィードを構築できるようにするツールです。 ジューサーの飼料の設計に関しては、多くのオプションから選択できます。また、独自の設計を行うこともできます。 ソーシャル メディアに投稿された素材のモデレートを促進し、何がどこから現れるかを規制します。 基本的な Juicer WordPress プラグインは無料で利用できますが、ソース アカウントやハッシュタグを追加するには、サービスへのプレミアム サブスクリプションが必要です。
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  • セミオーダーサービス
  • モバイル最適化
  • Juicer が類似の投稿を整理して、私たちの Web サイトにプッシュしたときに、複数のソーシャル チャネルに投稿されたアイテムと重複しないようにする機能があればいいのにと思います。
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What is Juicer?

A social media aggregator called Juicer collects social media material from many social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into a single, embeddable feed. Without forcing visitors to leave the website, the application enables users to consolidate material into a single platform and expose them to a business’ social media presence. Depending on the plan chosen, the user’s feed is refreshed either every day or every hour.

Users of the Juicer dashboard may add numerous feed sources, control and edit what gets presented on a feed, and add additional feed sources (depending on your package). Juicer is intended for companies, advertising agencies, lone bloggers, and event coordinators.

Features of Juicers

Juicer has a number of noteworthy attributes. Which are:


Instead of needing to generate your own material, content curation is a function that enables you to share content from other pertinent sources. This is helpful for days when you don’t feel very creative or are having trouble coming up with quality, original material. You may also collect posts, pictures, hashtags, and images from other social networking sites using this function.

This enables you to make the most of already created content, cultivate client loyalty, curate user-generated material, and gather content from a variety of sources.

Instagram aggregator

The Facebook aggregator is another another noteworthy Juicer feature. Having solid and consistent connections within the more than two billion users of Facebook may do wonders for your website. Visitors may more easily access the material on your website without having to move pages since you can show your Facebook feed directly on it.

One of the most popular social media networks in use today is Facebook. People may see your products and services in a real-world setting by visiting a consistent, live page.

Facebook aggregator

Using Juicer’s social media aggregator technologies, this feature streamlines your website’s social media presence and increases visitors’ attention. This is accomplished by giving users access to nine exquisite built-in feed styles, customization choices, analytical tools, and post moderation.


Controlling and moderating your internet activity might be challenging. On the other hand, social media moderation gives you total control over what appears in your Juicer feed. This enables you to choose the finest material while removing unnecessary ones.


Displaying your preferred social media material from any social site on a social wall is a great idea. They may be incorporated into websites or on digital signage seen in shops, offices, or other establishments. This aids in designing a social wall experience tailored to your fans. Even more social network accounts may be linked, and the general look can be changed.

Aggregater for Twitter

The functionality of a Twitter aggregator is the same on all platforms. You may include your Twitter feed into your website so that visitors can view ongoing conversations and brief updates. Due to the frequent interactions between its users, Twitter is one of the most modern platforms.

Social feed for WordPress

The most popular social feed plugin for WordPress, Juicer, enables users to combine material from several social media channels into a single media plugin. This provides you permalinks, rules and filters, automated updates, and dynamic layouts. One of the best content aggregators to use if you have WordPress is Juicer.

Juicer Advantages

The following are the main advantages of utilizing a juicer:

Automatic feed for social media

When gathering social media material to share on your website, you don’t have to put in the same amount of work as you would without Juicer. Instead, you delegate the task to the software solution. Juicer refreshes your website for you whenever you post something online, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


Juicer provides a variety of layouts for displaying social network feeds. You have the choice to alter and modify it to suit your preferences and requirements. This also enables you to choose how to grab your audience’s interest.

Optimizing for mobile

Juicers aren’t only for desktop or laptop computers. Mobile platforms may use it too. Due to the widespread usage of mobile devices for internet browsing, having a mobile-friendly website enhances user experience.

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Juicer には 19 つの料金プランがあります。 それらは、中規模、大規模、およびエンタープライズです。 これらのプランの価格は、それぞれ月額 99 ドル、199 ドル、30 ドルです。 彼らはまた、XNUMX日間の返金保証を提供しています. 無料トライアルは提供していませんが、無料プランを提供しています。 最適なプランを選択する必要があります。




Users and individuals may manage their social network accounts with the use of juicer. You may gain a number of advantages from doing this, including becoming recognized through postings compiled from all accounts and saving time and work on your social media feed. Being how to customize your social media feed will help you stand out.

It may be difficult and time-consuming to keep up a social media presence, especially when you have to reply to a variety of conversations. Juicer, on the other hand, offers a hands-free, all-inclusive option. You may delete posts that you don’t want your audience to view and have automatic updates. The ability to respond quickly to client issues and concerns is another noteworthy attribute.

In the end, Juicer is a good option if you’re searching for a social media aggregator that makes it easier to gather hashtags and posts from brands. You may have a gorgeous social feed, automated updates on your feeds, and rapid, real-time response across all platforms with this software solution. Juicer installation hardly ever requires any effort at all. To set it up, just adhere to these three easy steps: 1. Select social media profiles. Copying and pasting. 3. Relax.

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