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Vis fullstendig tilpassbare Instagram-feeder på nettstedet ditt
Det er en plugin for WordPress kalt Instagram Feed Pro som lar brukere vise helt tilpassbare Instagram-feeder på nettsidene deres. Pluginen gir brukerne muligheten til å velge feeder fra personer eller hashtags, i tillegg til å tilby en rekke forskjellige layoutvalg. Ved å bruke Instagram Feed Pro kan du gjøre Instagram-feedene dine kjøpbare ved å knytte individuelle bilder til nettadressene til spesifiserte nettsteder.
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What is Instagram Feed Pro?

With the help of the WordPress plugin Instagram Feed Pro, you can easily add a flexible and customized Instagram feed to any blog post or page on your WordPress site.

The plugin is available in both a free and premium edition, and both offer a wide range of choices and capabilities. I’ll go into the features in more detail later.

What is the benefit of using this plugin?

Instagram Feed Pro may assist you in growing your following and boosting interaction if that is your aim as a blogger or personal brand company developer. Starting out with some reliable statistics
Here is one more:

Brands are followed by 50% of Instagram users.

Okay, excellent. How can Instagram Feed Pro support your efforts to expand your Instagram following and enhance engagement?

The exposure of your profile will rise, for example, if you place the feed on the front page of your blog. therefore increasing your following.

Not to mention more interaction overall and more people liking your material. Increasing brand exposure is the only thing that matters when it comes to Instagram these days.


To start, the free version gives you access to the following features:

  • To display pictures from one Instagram account, design a unique feed.
  • Customize your feed using the default settings. (View the video.)
  • Simple shortcodes may be used anywhere on your site to display your feed.
  • show thumbnails of the photographs.
  • Include a “load more photos” option.
  • Include a button that says, “Follow me.”
  • Add your own JavaScript and CSS for even more customisation.

Even for a free plugin, it’s not bad, right?

The Pro edition now gives you a lot more options if you want more control over your photographs and how they behave on your website. Listed below are just a handful of those other choices:

  • To display photographs from several Instagram accounts, create a custom feed.
  • Completely alter the dimensions of how your photographs are shown, including the amount of shots, columns, image size, and background hover color.
  • With a ton of shortcode choices, display your feed. (View the video.)
  • Photos with hashtags, Likes, and location are displayed.
  • Show videos in your personalized stream.
  • If you want to keep people on your site and interested for longer, make your photographs and comments available in a pop-up lightbox.
  • post-cache to reduce the number of API queries.
  • video support for HTML.
  • Make unique links for images.
  • Display the IDs and the location in your images.
  • Delete posts.
  • captions to the images.
  • Make bespoke carousels and other things.
  • Premium assistance!

Instagram Feed Pro-priser: Hvor mye koster Instagram Feed Pro?

Instagram Feed Pro tilbyr fire prisplaner. Disse er Personal, Business, Developer og All Access Bundle. Prisen på disse planene er $49, $99, $149 og $299 per år. De tilbyr også 30 dagers pengene-tilbake-garanti. De tilbyr ingen gratis plan eller gratis prøveversjon. Du bør velge den planen som passer best for deg.

Prisplaner for Instagram Feed Pro

Instagram Feed Pro-priser


That’s all there is to it, then. I’ll stop gushing about this plugin now; go test it out for yourself.

In conclusion, if you’re a blogger, independent contractor, or personal brand ambassador who enjoys utilizing Instagram to increase social engagement and market your company, its goods, or its services, then this plugin is, in my view, a must-have.

Additionally, if you choose the pricey Pro option, you’ll have access to a ton of extra features, free updates, and trustworthy premium support.

Would I advise Instagram Feed Pro? Of course, I do, without a doubt. See whether you like it after trying out the free version first.

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Instagram Feed Pro-gjennomgang, priser, fordeler og ulemper
Instagram Feed Pro-gjennomgang, priser, fordeler og ulemper