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The Best Appointment & Booking WordPress plugin

Amelia is the most functional and affordable ordering tool for WordPress sites with a smooth and glossy interface. Suitable for appointments and events!

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Beautiful UI/UX
  • Many integrations
  • Woocommerce Compatible
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Amelia Demos

Amelia offers 4 different promotions to give you an idea of what you can do with your WordPress plugin. All promotions are based on Bridge Theme, a top theme sold on Themeforest.

amelia wordpress demos

Amelia Features

What are Amelia’s features?


demonstration amelia

The Amelia Booking plugin provides business owners and executives with a dashboard page that summarizes all business-critical KPIs and displays them in widgets, charts, and tables that allow for five-second performance checks.

Step by step booking System

One of the previews provided by Amelia is a classic step-by-step backup process that is implemented in a one-way program with a focus on smooth UX. Customers can quickly select services, employees, location, date and time as well as payment details and change settings without leaving the page.

Admin calendar view

The manager and employees can follow the appointments in a powerful calendar. The calendar can include appointments for monthly, weekly, daily, and timeline inspections, and can be filtered by employee, location, service, or service category.

Search Booking widget

Amelia allows you to provide your users with a search interface where services and time intervals are suggested by one or more search criteria, such as the desired date, preferred time interval, preferred service or category.

SMS Notifications

Stay in direct contact with your customers and employees – communicate with them via SMS.

Custom services schedule

Take advantage of full scheduling flexibility with the personalized service scheduling feature – set working hours and break down individually by combining services and staff.

Special days

With just a few clicks, you enter one-time days with special working hours and service plans.

Schedule Recurring Appointments

Make sure your customers become your returning customers by letting them schedule recurring appointments. Choose whether your appointment is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Make sure your customers are satisfied on a regular basis.

Custom Fields for booking forms

Create the reservation form that best suits your business: Create custom fields (checkboxes, text areas, etc. ) to gather the necessary information from your customers.

WooCommerce Integration

Take care of all your payments, taxes and invoices with the original Amelia WooCommerce integration.

Native Zoom integration

With just a few clicks, you can connect your Zoom account to Amelia. Now your customers can book meetings and events online and get a link to access them in the notification. This integration saves a lot of time and reduces missed arrivals.

Google Calendar Synchronization

Let your employees keep track of all appointments in their own Google Calendar.


Set up a one-off or recurring events such as conferences, seminars, meetings, concerts or whatever – provide a smooth and easy backup in the front and a comprehensive presence in the back!

Search interface for bookings

Convenient search interface for finding the right service, employee and time by selecting one or more filtering criteria.

Step-by-step booking wizard

An alternative way to arrange appointments is by selecting a parameter (service, employee, date) at each step.

Catalog view for services

Quickly create a super-looking service catalog with just a few mouse clicks.

Insightful dashboard and reporting

Monitor company performance – Track key financial and business-related indices using dashboard charts.

Calendar and list view

Amelia offers many options for managing the workflow depending on the level you want to follow: monthly, weekly, daily calendar view, timeline or just an interactive list of appointments.

Manage multiple employees

Maintains employee contact staff in the WordPress database, manages individual load and performance, sets personal working hours and vacation days.

Manage multiple locations

If you have multiple business locations, you can effectively manage this with Amelia by storing contact information, address, and geolocation.

Individual employee or service booking forms

You can customize each form you submit on a previous website: it can allow you to book any service or employee, or just a specific one.

Group appointment bookings

Appointments don’t always have to be individual – Amelia also supports group bookings (e. g. for group excursions). Each service can have a minimum and maximum capacity.

Automated notifications

Send email and SMS notifications to customers and employees: when an appointment is booked, wait, cancel, refuse, birthday greetings, appointments and more.

Four gateways for email notifications

Configure the gateway to send you the most appropriate email notifications. You can choose from the following:

  • SMTP
  • standard PHP sendmail
  • Mailgun API
  • WP Mail

Global working hours, breaks and days off for the company

Enter your normal business hours, non-business days and holidays, and each new employee will have this standard schedule, which you can adjust individually later.

Stripe & Paypal payment system

The most popular payment system in the world is ready to go. Allow your customers to pay for their reservations through the Stripe or Paypal payment system.

Multiple services and service categories

No matter how many different services you provide, you can add them all to Amelia, set individual duration, price and other parameters.

Buffer time before and after service

Set a buffer time required before and after the service if employees need some preparation before or cleaning up after a meeting.

Service Photo Galleries

Upload multiple images per service, to be displayed at the front of the page as service photo galleries/slideshows.

Support for Service Extras

Specify additional services or special treatments that will be added to the service, which may alternatively increase the price of the service.

Book appointments from the back-end

If your customers make a reservation over the phone, you can quickly add their reservation to the database through the control panel.

Create customer accounts from the back-end

When you create a new time, you can quickly create a new WordPress user account for the customer, so that he can book with them later.

Manage the database of your customers

Add your customers to a convenient filterable list/grid view. Sort the alphabet or last visit.

Full financial details of the payments

A unified database of all payments, from which you can check the status of each payment (completed or pending), payment gateway (on-site, PayPal, Stripe), total amount, discount and other information.

Discount coupons for bookings

Create and track the usage of discount coupons – for all or some specific services with a specific usage limit, amount or discount.

Customizable design

Choose colors and fonts for the front ends so that the booking orders match your WordPress theme and your brand style.

User Roles and Permissions

Amelia has four built-in user roles: administrator, manager, employee and customer. Each role has its scope of rights. User permissions can be customized through WordPress’s own capabilities system.


Connect Amelia with third-party apps and send appointment and event data after every booking, cancellation and/or rescheduling.

GDPR Compliant

Amelia does not store any customer data in accordance with the AVG. In Amelia Customer Panel, your customers can access, manage and delete their personal data at any time.

Amelia Customer Panel

Allows your customers to efficiently manage their appointments, events and profile directly on your website by entering the shortcode directly on a page. Customers can cancel appointments or reschedule without signing up for WordPress.

Amelia Employee Panel

Let your employees manage their reservations without access to the WordPress dashboard, right from the homepage of your website. Employees can log in and take control of their appointments and events, manage their hours, working hours, holidays and special days. Employees can manage the price of their services, as well as capacity.

Why Amelia?

Why should you use Amelia?

If you are part of one of the following cases, Amelia will be able to help you:

  • Law consultants: Schedule meetings, list the services, collect payments, manage staff.
  • Gym and Sports training scheduling: Allow clients to choose, book and pay for their group or individual training with ease.
  • Healthcare appointments reservation: Appointment scheduling, medical services catalog, payments, and other tools.
  • Spa and Beauty Salons reservations automation: Launch a comprehensive online receptionist desk for your Spa or Massage salon.
  • Repair and mechanical services reservation: List the repair services you provide, servicemen and their availability.
  • Hairdressers appointment reservation: Allow customers to choose a stylist, browse procedures and book visits in advance.

Amelia is compatible with TranslatePress. You can have your booking system in many languages!

Amelia Pricing

What is the price of Amelia?

Amelia’s prices are very simple, the price varies only according to the number of desired domains. If you only have one website, it costs you either € 53/year or € 166 for life. For 3 sites, 95 €/year or 337 € for life. And finally, for an unlimited number of sites, it costs you 217 €/year or 513 € for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amelia?

Amelia is the best WordPress plugin for appointments and event bookings. You can get many great and professional features.

Does it work with my WordPress Website?

If your theme is well made, it will work with your WordPress theme.

Does it work with Woocommerce?

Yes it works smoothly with Woocommerce.

Amelia Review – Appointments & Events Booking WP Plugin
Amelia Review – Appointments & Events Booking WP Plugin
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