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One of the best Multivendor plugin for WordPress and Woocommerce

Dokan is a WooCommerce and WordPress plugin for building a multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace. The plugin allows vendors to register an account and then begin selling their products on your marketplace. The vendors get access to their own dashboards, each with reporting data covering their store and products.

  • Many integrations
  • Great support and documentation
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Expensive?

As a preface, you need to know that WordPress is perfect for creating a multivendor marketplace and that there are about ten extensions that allow you to easily design an efficient and inexpensive marketplace.

Here, we highlight the most complete, best-tracked, and most profitable market expansion: the Dokan Multi-Supplier. The latter has been developed by Wedevs.

Wedevs comes from most of the most used and successful WordPress plugins in the WP list. For Dokan, Wedevs is constantly evolving in terms of both functionality and maintenance. In short, it is a really safe value that we recommend with your eyes closed.

Create your WordPress marketplace with Dokan

The Dokan extension is the best equipped, most reliable and efficient to launch into a fascinating marketplace world. This free (or paid add-on with additional features) gives your WordPress installation an optimized overlay for in-store sales.

The very easy-to-configure Dokan plugin can be installed in a few clicks without web development knowledge. Everything is intuitive and quickly configurable so you can start selling in minutes.

If you want to create a WordPress marketplace, it means that you have had a smart idea to make money easily online. Well, to be profitable, you need a multi-vendor plugin with enough features to work properly and satisfy everyone (customers and vendors).

Sellers should be able to easily add their products, manage orders and see if their sales are doing well. For your part, you need management tools to keep track of sales, orders and commissions.

Your success in a market is the result of teamwork between you and your vendors. There are less than a dozen WordPress plugins created specifically for this type of project on the market. They are a great resource to avoid having to develop or technically develop a marketplace from scratch.

In short, you need a multivendor marketplace plugin designed for store owners and sellers, the best option is undoubtedly Dokan by Wedevs. The Wedev teams are constantly improving their tool. Thus, Dokan is constantly evolving, offering new features and functions on a more regular basis, in short, the plugin is monitored and updated.

Dokan features

Dokan Features:
What does Dokan offer?

To keep your market profitable, your suppliers must have access to the same tools and data as you (the manager). Without great marketplace features, they can not enjoy selling correctly and without any limits on your platform.

A good marketing management interface should enable salespeople to:

  • Easily add, modify and delete products
  • Decide which product delivers the best sales
  • Customize the look of their individual store
  • Check order status

Of course, there is no doubt that you have full access to the backend from your site to all sellers.

Therefore, Dokan adds a sufficiently comprehensive overlay that allows vendors to manage their own front-end space. They will thus be able to manage their online store without ever having access to full website management. You remain the manager of your WordPress marketplace!

Vendors can manage everything from a frontend dashboard

Seller dashboard

Dokan Dashboard is a clean and functional tool that sellers can use to increase sales and profits. Every business needs an overview of the performance. It gives every seller an overview of the performance of their business. You can see:

  • Total number of pages visited
  • Number of orders
  • Number of products in stock
  • Total sales
  • Notifications, flag spam notifications and customer questions.

This video shows the possibilities offered to sellers to add their products and independently manage their orders.

Sellers can add and edit their products with Dokan system

Products management

The simplest task for a vendor is to add products to the point of sale. The important thing is to make it as easy as possible for your sellers.

Dokan’s vendor product add-on interface reflects the actual product page. Sellers can upload images and add product names with descriptions to the same page. Sellers can also set prices for their products and define a category. As an administrator, you can configure the fields and categories. If you set up the plugin correctly, the seller will not be able to add categories or taxonomies on the go, which is reassuring.

Vendors can manage their customer orders

Orders management

In order for sellers to know the status of their orders so that they can ship them on time and not get bad reviews (which would also be bad for your marketplace reputation), Dokan allows sellers to access all of their orders. They can see order number, total amount, customer name and delivery date. Dokan is one of the few existing multivendor plugins that offer upstream delivery tracking.

Sellers get access to analytics and reports

Sales reports

Dokan’s report panel contains powerful analytics tools that help vendors increase sales. For example, sellers can use the ‘Reports’ view to see which of their products are the most popular.

Other marketplace WordPress plugins, such as WC Marketplace, Yith or WC Vendors, provide basic market performance reports. But only Dokan offers each seller a customizable view of the success and stats of their online store.

The vendors will better understand the customers and the products they want to buy. By providing them with relevant sales and performance data, you enable them to make better decisions about how they can improve the customer experience. That means more time and more benefits for you.

Your vendors will be able to customize their own store

Customization of the store

Access to products and orders is not everything that makes your sellers happy and profitable. They should also be able to customize their stores and mark the brands they offer for sale. Dokan makes it easy for vendors to:

  • Create and update contact information
  • Give the store a name
  • Add links to social profiles
  • Choose withdrawal method
  • Configure shipping method

With Dokan, the supplier’s shopping areas are clean, easy to navigate and responsive on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

Earn money by taking a commission on sales

Sales commission system

Dokan is designed with marketplace owners in mind. Good analytics combined with automation makes it easier to manage suppliers and track sales. These are the best features of Dokan management tools.

The sales manager of the marketplace can specify individual sellers’ fees as a percentage or offer sellers monthly, annual, or even daily subscription prices.
The fee is customized, you decide the amount or you don’t even use it at all.
You will receive a commission for every sale made on your website. The percentage you receive from sellers has a significant impact on product prices and profits. The higher your commission, the fewer sellers you will attract. The lower your commission, the lower your income. It is a delicate balance to achieve.

Dokan allows you to set commissions for individual vendors so you can adjust your prices based on the value (roles) of a particular vendor. For example, you can set a higher premium for sellers who sell high-margin products (such as electronic products) than those who sell products at low prices (such as handcrafted products).

Dokan provides many different payment gateways

Different payment gateways

Successful marketplaces of many retailers offer customers many payment options. If you are going to sell internationally, you need a secure payment gateway to support foreign currencies and popular payment methods locally. Dokan offers the following payment gateway integrated into their system:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe Connect
  • Moip Connect.

But Dokan based on WooCommerce allows you to use its popular payment options, more than 100 gateways are compatible with Woocommerce.

After the customer has made a purchase, Dokan calculates the payment and the seller makes a withdrawal request. You can use the same payment gateways to debit customers and pay payments to merchants. Having a good selection of payment platforms makes it easy to meet each seller’s business needs. And it turns your marketplace into a very practical online placement that is more attractive to sellers.

Sellers can manage the refund requests and refund the customers

Refund system

Dokan can process refunds via PayPal, a popular payment method that makes it easy to process transactions.

Without Paypal, only administrators can process refunds that must be made manually. Therefore, the biggest responsibility is yours. But Dokan’s admin panel organizes and displays all pending refunds for you, and you can process them individually or in bulk.

Customers can review vendors individually

Seller rating system

Allowing customers to review individual sellers and products increases your website’s trust and legitimacy. However, shopkeepers offer customers the opportunity to analyze the seller and the products separately. With this essential independence, you have better control over the quality of your vendor’s customer service. A seller may have great products, but terrible service.

With Dokan’s seller rating function, customers leave individual seller ratings that are displayed in their window. Reviews improve the customer experience and accelerate their purchase decision.

Why Dokan?

Why should you use Dokan
for your WordPress Marketplace?

Dokan integrates seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce. Woocommerce is one of the largest open-source ecommerce platforms in the world. Woocommerce works with WordPress, the world’s most widely used content management program.

Dokan adds duplication to Woocommerce but doesn’t replace it, the two complement each other. This means you will benefit from the robust features Dokan has brought to your market and the integration of hundreds of WooCommerce plugins. Different themes are designed specifically for Dokan. This way, you can tailor your online store to your business area.

For example, with the help of an external WordPress plugin, you can add a multilingual version of WooCommerce and Dokan thanks to the Translatepress plugin to make international sales and attract international vendors.

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Dokan Pricing

Dokan Pricing:
How much does Dokan cost?

New Dokan users want to discover the plugin, so there is a free version in the WordPress store. Dokan’s free formula may be just right for you and is not especially limited. You just won’t have all the features that are essential for the rapid development and growth of your Marketplace. You won’t have Dokan customer support either.
Among other things, you will be able to have vendors with very basic features and that’s it.

Dokan’s pricing model starts with long-term planning. It is designed to evolve with you as your market grows. Even new store owners on a budget can access the Dokan plan for free and still take advantage of the service.

Dokan offers five different pricing plans, from the free tier to the corporate tier. Market operators need different functions at different stages of store growth. Plus, you have the possibility to pay annually or to take advantage of their lifetime offer, which comes at a price of about 3 years.

Dokan annual pricing

The starter plan has a price of $149/year and offers the same features as the free version with some extra features:

  • Commission Types
  • Frontend Products
  • Vendor Management
  • Powerful Reports
  • Social Login
  • 1 Premium Module
  • 1 Site License
  • Ticket Based Support

The professional plan has a price of $249/year and offers the same features as the starter version with some extra features:

  • WC Product Addon Integration
  • Vendor Review
  • Store Support
  • Seller Verification
  • PayPal, Stripe & Moip
  • Subscriptions
  • 9 Premium Modules
  • 3 Sites License

The Business package has a price of $499/year and offers the same features as the professional plan with some extra features:

  • Product Subscription
  • WC Booking Integration
  • Geolocation
  • Export Import
  • Staff Manager
  • Auction
  • 17 Premium Modules
  • 5 Sites License

And the most expensive package, the Enterprise plan has a price of $999/year and offers the same features as the business plan but with some extra features:

  • 1 Hour of Theme Compatibility
  • 1 Hour of Basic Installation
  • Live Chat Support
  • 17 Premium Modules
  • 10 Sites License
Dokan lifetime pricing

If you are planning for the long term and think your Marketplace will be online for more than 3 years, then you might consider paying for a lifetime offer. You will get exactly the same features as their annual plans, however, you will get your lifetime subscription.

Dokan Free vs Paid

What are the differences between
Free and Paid Dokan plugin?

Dokan is available in a free version (Lite), but I can only advise you to upgrade to the Professional version. Unlike the free version with very limited features, the Pro version gives you everything you need to create a powerful and reliable marketplace, especially because of the PayPal and Stripe gateways…

The free version of Dokan includes:

  • Unlimited Vendors
  • Frontend Vendor Dashboard
  • Order Management
  • Vendor Withdraw system
  • Store Widgets

Dokan really shows its full potential in marketplace management, starting with the version “Professional”. In fact, this package offers features that quickly prove to be indispensable, such as:

  • Subscription Management (Subscriptions), which allows you to invoice a fixed monthly amount to your salespeople so that they can sell on your marketplace.
  • The choice of the type of commission: will you keep a percentage or a fixed amount at each sale? Or why not both?
  • Stripe Connect integration: Stripe Connect handles multi-selling baskets that automatically distribute funds to each vendor and reduce commissions fairly. This module is absolutely necessary for a marketplace.
  • 9 premium modules: this allows you to expand the features of your marketplace.

Dokan has more features than some e-commerce marketplace add-ons for multiple vendors. However, perhaps the biggest feature is that it integrates with one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce) and the world’s leading content management system (WordPress).

The markets are changing. Quality products, reputable suppliers and effective marketing are important, as is sales volume. Having a plugin that works well with popular e-commerce platforms makes it easy to get started and stay profitable.


Frequently Asked Questions about
Dokan WordPress plugin

What is the WordPress Dokan plugin?

Dokan is a multi-vendor eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It transforms your WooCommerce business into a marketplace where people can easily register and start selling.

Is Dokan free?

The dokan lite version can be used for free but it is very limited. Otherwise, you can use the paid version to get more features for your WordPress and Woocommerce Marketplace.

What is weDevs?

weDevs are the authors of Dokan Multivendor, WP User Frontend, WP Project Manager, WP ERP and some other exclusive WordPress products. They are pioneers who constantly make WordPress suitable for solving any kind of business problem. Its existence depends on the production of WordPress and SaaS products that help to grow your business.

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