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The best and faster Multilingual WordPress plugin

TranslatePress is lightweight, powerful and allows you to translate your WordPress website right from the front end. It is also fully compatible with WooCommerce, website builders (elementor, divi...), SEO plugins and Deepl/Google Translation.

  • Lightweight
  • Fast and Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Woocommerce full support
  • Deepl automatic translation support
  • Expensive?
  • No live chat support
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TranslatePress allows you to turn your WordPress site into a multilingual site. It can be translated into one or more different languages, thus increasing its visibility with other nationalities/languages.
I like to use TranslatePress because it can automatically translate content with Deepl. But that’s all I say, let’s find out more.

Free version

This plugin can be used for free. Nevertheless, it only allows:

  • One additional language
  • No translation of meta descriptions available (bad for SEO)
  • No machine translation
  • No automatic redirection to the visitor’s language
  • No specific menu for each language
  • No translator account

However, this may be sufficient for a display window, e-commerce site or blog that wants to add one language and translate it manually. Download the Translatepress plug-in

TranslatePress Overview

What is TranslatePress able to do?

Translation interface

As you can see, we use TranslatePress on WPBomb. This allows us to automatically translate our content into several languages (in French only on the actual screenshot) and automatically through Deepl. So we apologize if the Deepl translation is wrong.

WPbomb translatepress

To manually translate a sentence or a word, simply select it by clicking on it. Then, on the left, you can type the translation that corresponds to the desired language.

If you cannot select the content you want to translate, you can select it by searching the string list:

string list

Type of content supported

You can translate all content, including content that is not displayed on your screen (meta description. ). This is the list of supported content:

  • Posts and Pages
  • Custom Posts
  • Categories and Tags
  • Menus
  • Site Content and Plugins (Gettext)
  • Site Title and Description
  • SEO Attributes
  • Article Translation
  • AJAX Content
  • Dynamic Content

Comparison with other multilingual plugins of the type of content compatible

Translatepress type of content

As you can see, TranslatePress is the most compatible plugin for all types of content.

Woocommerce Compatible

Currently, it is the only addon that offers Woocommerce compatibility in a free package. In addition, it is very super simple, you can translate everything from the product page: Features, short description, description, changed image, metal description of the product, everything is possible.

TranslatePress Features

What are the Translatepress features?

Automatic Redirect user language

Automatic redirect

The “Automatic User Language Detection” addon is only available with a Developer or Business license.

When a visitor visits your website for the first time, they will be directed to their preferred language based on browser settings or IP address. The language is then stored in a cookie so that every time she returns to the site it is automatically redirected to the language last visited.

Automatic user language detection of Translatepress

You can choose between these 3 methods:

  • First with a browser language, then an IP address (recommended) takes into account the configuration of the browser language. If it doesn’t match any of the website’s available languages, the user’s IP address is used to determine their preferred language.
  • First by IP address, then the browser language determines the language by IP. If this fails, the browser language will be taken into account.
  • Only with browser language or IP address only, there is no alternative user language detection method.

Google Indexing

Google understands browser redirects and redirects its users to the specific language URL.

Google can index your site for multiple IP addresses, but there is no guarantee that these redirects will affect the indexing of your site. This happens because Google frequently updates its indexing algorithms so no one knows exactly how they work.

You can use Google Webmaster Tools to see how your site is indexed.

One of the best ways to show your users that you have content in their language is to put a language converter on your site.

Automatically translate your content

Automatic Translation

Machine translation will only be performed the first time the page is loaded in another language. When a user changes the language of a page for the first time, it is translated directly when it loads. The “Block crawlers” function, therefore, prevents Google bots or other bots from acting as users.

You need to know that the robots will scan all of your pages in order for those pages to be translated.

However, you can limit the translation to a maximum number of characters per day.

automatic translation translatepress

Google Translate automatic Translation

To create a Google Translate API key, you need a paid account. Thanks to their terms and services, Google does not allow the free use of its translation API.

No, the Google Translation API is not free, it charges $ 20 per million characters you translate. You can find more information here.

However, Google does offer a free trial that gives you access to $ 300 for 12 months that can be used with the Google Translation API. This means you can use it for free, within that limit, as TranslatePress stores the translations locally.

Data is only pulled from Google once and then distributed from your own database. Learn how to create the API key

Deepl automatic Translation

The DeepL Machine translation plugin is only available with a developer or business license. It allows you to automatically translate your site using the DeepL API.

DeepL is a very powerful translator supported by artificial intelligence and neural networks. It costs 4.99€/month + 20€ for one million characters you translate.

DeepL gives you the ability to limit the number of characters you translate each month. Simply enable cost control in your account settings. Click “Change Control Settings”, check the control box, set a limit and adjust the changes.

To use the API, you need to get a key. The key can be purchased here.

Browse your website as another type of user

Browse as Role & Shortcodes

You can browse your site from the translation editor as yourself (logged in) or as an offline user. This allows you to translate pages or strings that are dynamic based on online/offline status.

The Explore as Role plug-in allows you to select any user role and then view the site as a user with that role would see it.

Conditional Shortcode Based on Language

Items such as emails sent to users by various plug-ins cannot be translated because they do not appear on the front page. Shortcodes allow you to add your content in any language and the user’s specific language will appear.

You can find shortcodes here.

Extra Languages (221 available)


This add-on allows you to add as many languages as you need to your WordPress site. You can choose from a list of 221 secondary languages.

Extra languages Translatepress addon

You can display the language as a native speaker name in the language selection programs. You can also use a subdirectory (/en) as the default language.

Display the language switcher in many ways

Language Switcher

TranslatePress offers several ways to display the language changer. This makes everyone happy and provides many opportunities. In addition, language changers are modern and work smoothly.

There are actually 3 language changers available:

  • Shortcode: You can display the language changer anywhere on your WordPress site with a shortcode.
  • Menu item: You can add your language selector to the menu (see screenshot below).
  • Fluent language options: A small floating pop appears throughout the site (see screenshot below).

You can also choose the layout of the language changer, you can choose:

  • Full name
  • Short name
  • Flag with full name
  • Flag with only short name
  • Flags only
appearance language switcher

Customize your site’s menu according to different languages

With the Language Based Navigation plugin you can show or hide menu items based on the current language.

It helps you to create multilingual menus that contain different menu items for different languages.

This is useful if you want to display different pages for different languages. Or if certain content is not translated into a specific language and you do not want it to appear in the menu for that language.

Give special access to your website with the Translator role

Translator accounts

With the Translator Accounts plugin you can create existing users or allow them to translate your site without administrator access.

Translators can translate the website (directly from the front end) without having to work with WordPress back-end, site builder or meta boxes.

Get your multilingual content indexed on Google

SEO Features

If you have enabled the SEO plugin, meta descriptions and titles will be translated automatically or manually.

It is possible to translate URLs, but this can be problematic due to special characters and so on. I warn you not to check this box. Then excluding translated links from your Sitemap is a little silly, embedding everything in SiteMap will help Google crawl your pages. So I also warn you not to check this box.

The SEO plugin allows you to translate important SEO elements on each page:

  • Custom URL/page/post type message slug
  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Image alt tag
  • Title and descriptions from Facebook and Twitter (these are usually added with your SEO plug-in and appear when users share your content)

The TranslatePress SEO Pack plug-in works with all SEO plug-ins.

Multilingual Sitemaps

With the help of the SEO Pack plugin, TranslatePress will expand the Sitemaps functionality added by SEO plugins and automatically create a multilingual sitemap that contains all your translated content.
Your sitemap will then represent each individual translation correctly.

Multilingual Sitemap support is available for the most popular SEO plugins:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math
  • SEOPress
  • All in One SEO Pack

Translating all the important SEO elements and creating a multilingual XML website will have a huge impact on your website in several languages.

Translatepress vs competitors

TranslatePress vs other multilingual plugins

This table was created by TranslatePress, so they cannot give a neutral judgment. However, I can confirm that this table is correct and respects reality.

Translatepress vs others
Translatepress vs others

The only disadvantage of Translatepress

Of course, TranslatePress will not cover it and besides, it only affects a few people. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of it. I illustrate it with an example:
Imagine that your project is an international marketplace, with multiple languages and the default language is English. French, Italian, English and other sellers can add their products to your marketplace.

Thus, a Frenchman will set the French language and then enter his products in French. The problem is that its content is introduced in French and stored in the site’s default language (English).

I do not explain to you the problem of not explaining them, changing their content etc. This project could only work if everyone translated their content into English and then translated this content into different languages (automatically using Deepl for example).

If you want users to be able to type content in their language, you need to use WPML in this case.

TranslatePress Pricing

How much does Translatepress cost?

Translatepress pricing

The personal plan is about 100 euros a year (incl. VAT), so you can just get more languages and get a translation of the meta descriptions. It does not provide Deepl in automatic translation (Google only), it does not provide redirection to the user’s language.
I recommend that you choose a business or developer plan if you need good machine translation and direct users to their languages.

Why TranslatePress?

Why you should use TranslatePress?

I will give you my personal opinion here. I am a TranslatePress user on several of my WordPress sites so I think this plugin is the best or I won’t be using it.

1. More powerful and lighter multilingual plug-in

A comparison was made of the loading time between different multilingual plug-ins. We can see that using TranslatePress to load the page the fastest, both in the original language and in the translated language.

As you already know, a longer load time is not good for referring your site and will definitely deter your visitors. TranslatePress can guarantee better SEO and satisfied visitors, so more money at the end of the day!

2. Reactive customer service

I did not need customer service for a particular problem. But for some questions, I got the answers in one day. This gives me peace of mind when a problem occurs on my site, it could certainly be fixed within a day.

3. Perfect automatic translation with Deepl

I definitely like this plugin because of this feature. Deepl is an impressive translation system, you will be amazed at the quality of the translation, almost the same as a human translation for 1% of the price.

If you have not yet decided, try browsing our site by changing the language, then you will see how easy and fast it is to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Translatepress?

TranslatePress is a lightweight, powerful and easy to use multilingual WordPress plugin. You can translate directly from the front-end and automatically translate your website.

Is Translatepress the best solution for a multilingual system?

True multilingual plugins can slow down your website, have no front-end translation and no machine translation with Deepl.

Does it work with my WordPress Website?

If your theme is WPML compliant, TranslatePress works with your WordPress theme.

Does it work with Woocommerce?

Yes it works smoothly with Woocommerce.

Start at $79/year Visit Translatepress
What do you think about it? 😁

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