Pre-configured showcase website provided with the best solutions

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Typically, the cost of creating a WordPress showcase site varies between 500 and 2,000€. Why is the price so high? 🤔

Easily 70% of the amount concerns customization (choice of fonts, widget layout, color change…), support and content addition (pages, articles, categories…). However, we find it more logical that you learn how to do it yourself to become more autonomous and greatly limit the costs of your project.


There is also a maintenance to plan (about 30 or 50€/month).

🤩 With our solution, you save a lot of money, benefit from the best solutions and learn how to control your site! 🤩

In addition, you will get access to your showcase site in less than 48 hours! Whereas it would normally take at least a week to see the color.


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⛔ Don’t do it yourself ⛔
Forget about free solutions and if you want a decent result, don’t do it yourself without any training.


Currently it turns out that many beginners make the mistake of choosing or to build their showcase sites. WordPress Rates / Wix Rates


These solutions can be interesting but you are limited. If you want to add an SEO system, you have to pay. If you want to be the owner of your site, it’s not possible… If you want to add a chat system, on Wix it may not be possible, if you want to sell products, you will have to pay more, and so on…


To get good performances, you must generally choose the equivalent of their Business offers between 10 and 25€/month, that is to say between 120 and 300€/year!


And even if beginners don’t get fooled, take a host at 5€/month and install WordPress themselves, it usually gives :

Many hours of wasted hours learning and trying everything.
Many hours of lost time to build the showcase site
Thousands of plugins installed, rules not respected = Slow site that doesn’t work 🐌
Site not secured = 😭😭😭 My site is not working anymore !!! 😭😭😭
Site not RGPD compliant = 🔥ATTENTION🔥
Site not optimized SEO = 📉 Visitors where are you ? 📉
In the end, many then call in an expert to clean up the site, optimize it or completely redo it … And it costs a lot! 🍭

Fees to expect to obtain the equivalent of our solution
Theme Astra Pro, the license costs about 120€/year
Cache system, WProcket, approx. 50€/year
Security system about 70€/year
That’s about 300€/year of fees (for information, our offer includes the licenses!)

This means a cost of 300€/year for WordPress + 300€/year for premium solutions = 50€/month.

Paying a developer to create your site? 💶😭
To get exactly the same thing that we propose, here is the estimate of a possible quotation :

Installation and configuration of the showcase site (pages, menu, header, footer) = 500€.
SEO settings = 200€.
Securing the site = 200€.
RGPD compliance = 200€.
Site optimization = 200€.
Training on the use of the site = 200€.
That is a total of about 1500€.
And without wanting to be bad language, we often see some “professionals” who provide work worthy of a beginner, most of the time because of clients who want sites that look like those of 1990.

Since you don’t control your site, there will also be maintenance fees to be expected! About 30 or 50€/month!


🏆 Our solution 🏆
You’ll get a site that’s almost ready to use, you’ll only need to change a few settings and customize it to your liking. And for this, we provide you with a complete training!
Basically, after the installation of your site, if you follow our training, your showcase site will be ready in less than a day!


We will teach you how to automate updates, ultra secure your site and optimize interactivity with your visitors.


👇 If you want to know more, here’s all you’ll get 👇

⭐ Astra PRO theme included
We use the WordPress Astra pro theme optimized in terms of design, SEO and loading time.

It normally costs 120€/year but we provide the license!

You will be able to import an agency demo in one click. We will show you how to import and modify it.

See the demos
Advanced SEO Setup
We are particularly satisfied with the free Rankmath plugin (the most powerful currently), however its configuration is rather complex for a beginner.

You will be trained to its configuration, you will learn :

Link the Google search console
Add the sitemap to the search console
Automate meta descriptions
Optimize your referencing
Set up automatic redirections to avoid errors 404

Optimization of the site: cache + image compression 🚀
Cache system
Optimizing the loading time and the weight of your site is very important. On the one hand, so as not to scare away visitors and on the other hand, Google likes it!


We use the best cache plugin: WProcket, it is paying (about 50€/year) and its license is included in our offer.


Of course, you will be trained to use it AND the plugin will be perfectly tuned to get the best performance without touching anything 😎.

Image optimization
Images are an integral part of a website. Uncompressed, they can be between 2 and 6MB each. Your site can in a few images become very heavy and load very slowly!


The system will already be optimized to fully optimize and make your site as light as a feather! 🍃


Nevertheless, you will learn the best methods to compress your images, display them in WebP and Lazyload.

And yes you will not be idle, you will learn so much that your brain will explode 🤯

Security system
We use a Premium security system. Its license costs about 60€/year.

You will get the security system already set up with license included 👌, a training to improve and strengthen its security.


Don’t take this lightly, believe us to find ourselves with a site that is Offline or that refers your visitors to ads “Activate your antivirus” / “Sabrina is close to you and thinks you’re cute”, it hurts your butt…

RGPD System 👮♂
The General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD) is mandatory since May 25, 2018.
Attention, the RGPD is not to be taken lightly either, fines can go up to € 20 million. For more information, click here.


You will be trained to set up a plugin and learn the good manners to respect the RGPD.

Be careful, we are not RGPD expert, if you want to be sure and sure to be 100% compliant, you will have to put the money on the table and contact a specialist.

Hosting on our dedicated server
Your WordPress Marketplace will be hosted on our dedicated server. If you don’t know what a dedicated server is, think of it as much better than the 5€/month hosting offers.


You’ll get 10GB of storage (SSD) and 10GB/month of traffic maximum (you’ll never go over the limit). Our offer is more or less equivalent to Kinsta’s STARTER offer ($30/month).


Attention, to limit the possible errors on your part, we will not give you access to the panel of our server. Everything can be done from the administration of your WordPress site.

Owning the licenses does not allow you to take advantage of the customer support of the premium plugins, it only allows you to use the plugins and get their updates.

Any questions? Talk to us 👉