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In this review of ProjectHuddle, you’ll find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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A WordPress plugin for website & design feedback.
A premium WordPress plugin called ProjectHuddle was developed with the intention of making the process of gathering input from customers on online projects as easy as possible. Customers are able to simply provide immediate feedback on designs (or even active websites!) The notes are displayed on a single dashboard and may be sent at a predetermined frequency to any addresses that you choose. It is possible to totally white-label the application and personalize it with a brand's colors and logo. The plugin is not exclusive to websites using the WordPress content management system; it can also be linked with other platforms using JS, such as Shopify and Wix.
Ease of use
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  • Very collaborative
  • Streamlined feedback
  • One-click approvals
  • White-label
  • Multi-platform support
  • Learning curve
  • No free version
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You will get: Very collaborative Streamlined feedback One-click approvals White-label Multi-platform support

Ready to revolutionize the way you handle client feedback and project approvals? Buckle up, because ProjectHuddle is the game-changing WordPress plugin that’s about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Say goodbye to endless email threads and hello to point-and-click feedback, right on your live designs and websites.

Intrigued? You should be. Keep reading to discover why ProjectHuddle is the secret weapon every web developer and designer wishes they had sooner.

ProjectHuddle cover

What is ProjectHuddle ?

ProjectHuddle is a WordPress plugin designed for streamlined website and design feedback. It employs a sticky-note style interface for collecting comments directly on designs and web projects.

The plugin is white-label and self-hosted, giving users full control over their data. It offers features like one-click client approval of designs and mockups, easy bug reporting, and collaborative development with remote teams.

Once installed on a WordPress site, it can be used across an unlimited number of websites and platforms, managed from a central dashboard. It is trusted by over 3,500 creatives and businesses and aims to simplify the client feedback process.

ProjectHuddle features

Ready to turn your client feedback chaos into a well-oiled machine? Let’s dive into the features that make ProjectHuddle the Swiss Army knife of web development tools.

ProjectHuddle features

Unlimited projects

Manage all your ongoing projects and website feedback in a single location.

Unlimited users

Add optional user accounts for your clients and colleagues to collaborate.

Comment directly on websites

Leave comments directly on live website designs for immediate feedback.

Comment on non-WordPress websites

Use ProjectHuddle on any number of websites across different domains once it’s installed on your WordPress site.

Track mockup changes with versions

Maintain an interactive history of mockup changes, comments, and approvals. Restore previous versions with a click.

Sketch sync

Sync your Sketch designs directly with ProjectHuddle without the need for saving, exporting, or uploading.

1500+ integrations

Connect ProjectHuddle with over 1500 apps using Zapier for extended functionality.

Assign and resolve issues

Manage issues effectively with simple assignment and resolution features.

Markdown shortcuts

Utilize markdown in comment replies for better formatting.

Beautiful formatting

Express yourself with a built-in WYSIWYG editor for enhanced comment formatting.

ProjectHuddle templates

Integrated shortcodes

Embed your projects on any page using ProjectHuddle shortcodes.

User roles and accounts

Create custom user roles for different levels of access for your clients and colleagues.

Easy client access

Generate unguessable URLs for secure and easy client access.

Point and click ease

Simply point, click, and describe to leave feedback.


Compatible with both multisite and single WordPress installations.


Fully functional on mobile devices for on-the-go access.

Password protection

Add optional passwords to projects for an extra layer of security.

Login protection

Require logins for additional project security.

Bug tracking

Quick and organized bug tracking with threaded communication.

Mockup approvals

Get quick approvals for your image mockups and add optional clickwrap agreements for legal security.

Share individual comment links

Share links from individual comments to bring more people into the discussion.

Email notifications

Automatic email notifications keep everyone updated on project progress.


Supports Retina and HDPI options for crisp images and logos.

Easy to customize

Customize the appearance of ProjectHuddle to match your brand.

Restore deleted comments and images

Easily restore accidentally deleted comment threads or images.

ProjectHuddle pricing

Wondering if ProjectHuddle is worth its weight in gold—or at least the price of a decent dinner? Let’s break down the numbers and see if it’s a steal or a splurge.

ProjectHuddle pricing


  • Regular Plan: $109 per year
    • Includes all core features, support, and updates for one year.
    • Renews yearly with an easy cancel option.
  • Professional Plan: $139 per year
    • Similar to the Regular plan but may include additional features.
  • Ultimate Plan: $599 Lifetime
    • Includes all core features plus exclusive addons for life.
    • One-time payment.


ProjectHuddle is a must-have tool for anyone involved in web development or design.

It streamlines the feedback process by allowing comments directly on live websites and design mockups, making it easier for both clients and developers to understand each other’s points.

The plugin is white-label and self-hosted, ensuring you have full control over your data. It offers a one-click approval system for designs, making client sign-offs hassle-free.

With features like bug tracking and over 1500+ integrations via Zapier, it’s a comprehensive solution for managing web projects.


  • Streamlined Feedback: Directly comment on live websites and mockups.
  • White-Label: Fully customizable to match your brand.
  • One-Click Approvals: Simplifies the client sign-off process.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Works on WordPress and non-WordPress sites.
  • Collaborative: Enables team collaboration and client involvement.


  • Learning Curve: May take some time to fully explore its features.
  • Cost: No free version available, only paid plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I even bother with ProjectHuddle ?

Oh, darling, where do I start? Imagine a world where your clients can point and click to give feedback right on the design or website. No more endless email threads, no more misunderstandings. It’s like having a translator for “Clientese” to “Developerish.”

  • Streamlined Feedback: No more “move that thingy over there.”
  • Client Happiness: They feel involved, and you get clearer feedback.
  • One-Click Approvals: Say goodbye to approval delays.

Is ProjectHuddle just for WordPress ?

Ah, the age-old question. Nope! While it’s a WordPress plugin, you can use it on any website once it’s installed on a WordPress site. It’s like having a universal remote for all your web projects.

How secure is this thing ?

Security is tighter than a drum here. You can password-protect your projects and even require users to log in. Plus, it’s self-hosted, so you’re not handing your data to a third party.

Can I customize it to Match my brand ?

You betcha! ProjectHuddle is 100% white-label, meaning you can make it look like it was built just for you. Your clients will think you’re a tech wizard, and we won’t tell them otherwise.

Do I need to be a tech genius to use it ?

Absolutely not! It’s user-friendly and intuitive. If you can point and click, you can use ProjectHuddle. It’s so easy, even your grandma could use it. And she still types with one finger.

How do I get My Team Onboard ?

Easy peasy! ProjectHuddle allows for unlimited users. You can create custom roles for different levels of access. It’s like a VIP lounge, but for web development.

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ProjectHuddle Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
ProjectHuddle Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons