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Fix your WordPress search!
A search plugin for WordPress called Relevanssi Premium enhances the functionality of WordPress's built-in search functionality by expanding upon the capabilities of the plugin's free version. PDFs, documents, taxonomy words, highlighted search results, and a host of other options are all made available by upgrading to the premium edition.
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  • Ease of Use
  • Custom Taxonomy Searches
  • Can Search Any MySQL Category in the wp_posts Database
  • Dynamic Operator Selection
  • Specialized Knowledge Needed for Advanced Search Options
  • Large Memory Usage
  • Overwhelming Number of Search Indexing Options
  • Relevanssi Interface is Dull
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You will get: Ease of Use Custom Taxonomy Searches Can Search Any MySQL Category in the wp_posts Database Dynamic Operator Selection

What is Relevanssi?

In order to give users relevant search results, the WordPress Relevanssi plugin was created. Additionally, it offers superb control over the search algorithm, result selection, and content indexing. With a one-size-fits-all structure that frequently overlooks the most pertinent information in search results, the core WordPress search function only offers a little amount of flexibility over these aspects. The shortcomings of the native search algorithm are frequently particularly noticeable for huge sites with complicated taxonomies.

By offering a configurable search algorithm that smoothly interacts with the WordPress search interface, the Relevanssi plugin corrects these flaws. In specifically, Relevanssi takes user-submitted search queries and parses through each website’s taxonomy to provide relevant results for each query.

How do you use Relevanssi?

From the WordPress plugin library, the Relevanssi plugin may be downloaded and installed. You may enable both the free and paid versions of the plugin on your website. The plugin offers a number of programmable options for customizing how website material is indexed, how the search is carried out, and what results are shown to the user after it has been started. Relevanssi crawls the website’s content using default settings or after customization, then immediately begins to handle user queries sent through the WordPress search widget.

For websites with complicated taxonomies and administrators who want the newest features and priority support, the Relevanssi Premium plugin offers an expanded feature set with extra customizations.


  • Assistance with WordPress CLI commands to improve usability
  • Customization of the wp posts database’s taxonomy names, categories, and user profiles
    specific weighing based on search criteria
  • Priority assistance
  • Better outcomes under “Did you mean?” display
  • Automatic updates for plugins
  • Indexing of associated files’ content
  • Unique options for weighing fresh posts more heavily
  • Stopwords may only be used in content.
  • Search reroutes
  • Displayed related posts
  • Exporting and importing site settings

Relevanssi Premium Pricing: How much does the Relevanssi Premium costs?

Relevanssi Premium offers two pricing plans. Those are Annual and Permanent. The price of those plans are $109 per year and $379 for lifetime. They also offer 30- days money back guarantee. You can choose the license which is the best fit for you.

Relevanssi Premium Pricing Plans

Relevanssi Premium Pricing


A search backend called Relevanssi is intended to take the role of WordPress’ default search with user-customizable search filters that deliver incredibly tailored search results in response to user queries. Relevanssi offers many levels of search filtering to improve control of the search algorithm and search results, making it ideal for big websites with complicated taxonomies.

The Relevanssi plugin may provide a feature set for smaller sites with straightforward taxonomies that exceeds the requirements and skill of inexperienced website developers. However, in certain usage scenarios, the free version of the plugin’s default settings ought to work well.

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Relevanssi Premium Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Relevanssi Premium Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons