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Social Media Management, Simplified
The plugin known as Revive Old Posts is designed to retrieve outdated information and then automatically share it across a variety of social network sites. All of your content, including posts, custom post kinds, pages, and media, may be shared to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and/or Tumblr.
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  • Autopilot mode when sharing old and new posts.
  • If you want to post something in another language, it has that multilingual feature that helps you translate your native language posts to another.
  • Ease of use.
  • Minimal features even if you avail of the PRO version
  • Works for WordPress only
  • Supports only a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google My Business & VKontakte
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You will get: Autopilot mode when sharing old and new posts. If you want to post something in another language, it has that multilingual feature that helps you translate your native language posts to another. Ease of use.

What is Revive Old Posts?

Use the straightforward yet effective WordPress plugin Revive Old Posts to increase traffic to your website by utilizing social media. It was created by the social media management specialists at Revive Social. The plugin is intended to address two issues at once: automating social media participation and reviving outdated blog entries to increase website traffic.

By connecting your blog to several social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you may generate steady growth using Revive Old Posts. You may distribute your website material on a rotating basis and make your own bespoke timetables. Using hashtags, categories, tags, and other tools, you may improve your feed. Additionally, you may monitor your development to see how well-liked your articles are and how much traffic is being produced.

Features: What Can You Get With Revive Social Posts?

The feature-rich plugin Revive Social Posts has a lot to offer. So that you are fully aware of what you will receive from this plugin, we will concentrate on the highlights.

1. Automation of social media

It might be a bother to return each time to distribute blog items on social media if you schedule them in advance.

Revive Old Content is the ideal plugin for you if you’re searching for a simpler method of automatically publishing blog posts to social media.

Installing the plugin and changing the settings are all that are required. Then, as soon as you write a new blog entry, it will be instantly posted to the social network accounts you have connected.

2. Numerous Social Media Channels

You may connect to all of the widely used social networking sites using Revive Old Posts.

You may link to your Facebook profile and Twitter with the free plugin. You must subscribe to the premium version in order to sync your website with other platforms.

3. Individualization and Control

You can tailor your feed, which is a nice feature of Revive Old Posts. You won’t have to use a post and timetable that are pre-written.

The minimum time between sharing can be changed once the plugin has been installed. Therefore, the plugin will postpone the articles and ensure that they are released at intervals to increase interaction even if you publish numerous blog entries in one go.

You may also choose what information, including the post title, text, excerpt, and custom field, appears in the caption. To include or exclude content, you may also utilize taxonomies like tags and categories.

4. Hashtags

On each of your postings, you have the option of including or excluding hashtags. You may select standard hashtags for any and all shares using the plugin. Tags, categories, and custom fields can all have hashtags specified.

5. Analytics & Tracking

Revive Old Posts comes with a built-in tracker that logs your publishing schedule. You can access the sharing logs to right inside your WordPress admin panel to see which posts have been published. If the log is highlighted green, it means the post was successful. If there was an issue with the automated post, the color would be orange or red.

6. Additions

Revive Old Posts and Revive Network are two of the plugins that make up Revive Social. You may purchase Revive Network as an add-on straight from your WordPress dashboard, but you must already have the Revive Old Posts Pro plugin installed.

You may import and distribute content from any online RSS feed using Revive Network. By posting material from your favorite websites to your social media accounts, you may boost engagement.

Who is Revive Old Posts For?

Revive Old Posts has a clear and simple interface, making it a fantastic choice for both beginners and experts.

You may share articles and pages with the plugin, which means you can share items, product features, and much more. It is therefore appropriate for all types of websites.

Some use cases are as follows:

  • little-known blogs or webpages (to share posts, recipes, books, etc)
  • Large blogs and websites that feature e-commerce items or hundreds of posts
  • E-commerce websites (to share products and services)
  • marketers on social media
  • blog enthusiasts

Simply told, this plugin will be very beneficial if you have a WordPress blog and social network accounts.

Revive Old Posts Pricing: How much does Revive Old Posts Costs?

Revive Old Posts offers three pricing plans. Those are Personal, Business and Marketer. The price of those plans are $75, $149 and $299 per year. They offer 30 days money back guarantee also. They do not offer any free plan or free trial. You should choose the plan which is the best fit for you.

Personal: One website costs $88.50 a year. Cost of the perpetual license is $265.50.

Business: Three websites cost $175.82 per year. Cost of the perpetual license is $527.46.

Marketer: For limitless websites, it costs $352.82 per year. Cost of the perpetual license is $1058.46.

You get access to practically all of the features in the personal plan with Revive Old Posts. Custom scheduling and queue management are only accessible with the Business and Marketer subscriptions.

Revive Old Posts Pricing Plans

revive old posts yearly Pricing


With a track record of success, Revive Old Posts assists website owners in boosting traffic. It also works well if you want to produce and publish posts manually but yet have a strong social media presence.

You can leave it to Revive Old Posts to handle. It serves as a tool for scheduling and automatic posting. In addition to setting up an RSS feed for various channels, you may curate the material that is sent to your social media plugins.

With this plugin, you may accomplish a number of objectives, such as increasing website traffic, developing your social media following, and maintaining audience engagement.

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Revive Old Posts Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Revive Old Posts Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons