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In this review of Sell Media, you’ll find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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Sell Photos, Prints & Artwork from your website
The Sell Media plugin for WordPress enables users to sell digital or physical images, artwork, and prints. The capabilities in the free edition are expanded upon in the professional version, which includes support for selling physical media that must be sent, membership access plans, picture watermarking, download restrictions, and a great deal more.
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Customer Support
  • Highly customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Seamless integration
  • Zero commission fees
  • Detailed sales reports
  • Bulk uploads
  • Versatile
  • Self-managed backups
  • Hosting limitations
  • No built-in CDN
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You will get: Highly customizable User-friendly Seamless integration Zero commission fees Detailed sales reports Bulk uploads Versatile

Ready to turn your digital media into a goldmine but don’t know where to start?

Buckle up, because you’re about to dive into the ultimate guide on Sell Media, the WordPress plugin that’s revolutionizing how we sell photos, videos, and more.

From setting up your own marketplace to raking in the profits, we’ve got the insider scoop that’ll make you the next media mogul. Don’t just stand there; your empire awaits!

Sell Media cover

What is Sell Media ?

Sell Media is a WordPress plugin designed primarily for photographers but is versatile enough to be used by any digital media creator. It allows users to sell photos, prints, and videos directly from their WordPress website.

The plugin offers a range of customization options, including different layouts and email receipt designs. One of its standout features is that it allows users to keep 100% of the sales, unlike third-party stock websites that take a commission.

It’s compatible with any WordPress theme and even works with page builders like Gutenberg. Additional functionalities can be added through official extensions, such as Stripe for payments or Mailchimp for email marketing.

The plugin also supports bulk uploads, password protection for products, and offers detailed sales reports.

Sell Media features

Ready to unleash the full power of your media? Hold onto your hats, because we’re diving into the jaw-dropping features that make Sell Media the Swiss Army knife of digital sales.

Sell Media benefits

Built for Photographers

Sell Media is designed specifically for photographers. It allows you to sell photos, prints, and stock without any commission fees. The plugin offers ease of styling and extensibility within WordPress, making it a preferred choice for many photographers.

Customizable Shop Layouts

The plugin provides a variety of layout options for your shop, including two and three column grids as well as horizontal/vertical masonry layouts. You can also control thumbnail crops and customize email receipts.

Compatibility with Any WordPress Theme

Sell Media wordpress theme

Sell Media is compatible with any WordPress theme, offering you design flexibility. It also works well with modern page builders like Gutenberg.

Keep 100% of Sales

Unlike third-party stock websites, Sell Media allows you to set your own prices and keep all the revenue generated from sales.


Sell Media extensions

The plugin is fully customizable with various extensions available in the Sell Media Marketplace. These extensions range from Stripe integration to Mailchimp and subscriptions.

Main Features

  • Sell Photos: You can sell photos, videos, PDFs, and more.
  • Sell Prints: The plugin allows you to sell prints online and ship them to your customers.
  • Sell Membership Plans: You can create monthly or yearly subscription plans.
  • Create Galleries: Allows you to create image galleries that can be password protected.
  • Bulk Upload: You can add products in bulk using the drag and drop uploader.
  • Price Groups: Allows you to create and assign different prices to specific files or collections.
  • Sales Reports: Provides daily, monthly, and yearly sales reports.
  • Discount Codes: You can create an unlimited number of discount codes to drive sales.

Sell Media pricing

Ah, the million-dollar question—or should we say, the $299-per-year question? Let’s break down the numbers and see if Sell Media is the golden ticket you’ve been searching for.

Sell Media pricingFree Version

  • Price: $0 (free forever)
  • Features:
    • Sell photo downloads
    • Sell video downloads
    • Sell other media file downloads
    • Create unlimited galleries
    • Create unlimited pricing options
    • Rights management
    • Lightbox support
    • Import from Lightroom & Aperture
    • Import keywords automatically
    • Password-protected galleries
    • Integrates with any WordPress theme

Professional Version

  • Price: $299 billed yearly
  • Features:
    • Includes all free features plus:
    • Sell prints
    • Sell artwork
    • Sell digital and physical media that requires shipping
    • Sell monthly and yearly membership access plans
    • Set download limits for all membership plans
    • Watermark your images
    • Enable image magnification
    • Backup files to the Amazon S3 cloud
    • Bulk upload
    • Accept credit card payments via Stripe
    • Offer discount codes
    • Mailchimp email newsletter integration
    • Share sales commissions with contributors
    • Offer free downloads
    • Set expiration times for downloads
    • Accept offline payments
    • Add model releases
    • Fast & knowledgeable tech support
    • Unlimited access to all 46 themes
    • Unlimited access to all 16 plugins
    • 30-day money back guarantee

Note: All prices are in USD.


Sell Media is a robust solution for photographers and digital creators who want to monetize their work directly from their WordPress website.

The plugin offers a wide range of features, including the ability to sell photos, videos, and prints, create galleries, and even offer subscription plans. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to set your own prices and keep 100% of the sales.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with any WordPress theme and offers detailed sales reports, making it a one-stop-shop for managing your digital media business.


  • Zero Commission Fees: You keep 100% of the profits.
  • Highly Customizable: Offers a variety of layouts and extensions.
  • Seamless Integration: Works with any WordPress theme and page builders like Gutenberg.
  • Detailed Sales Reports: Keep track of your earnings and customer behavior.
  • Bulk Uploads: Easily upload multiple products at once.


  • Hosting Limitations: The only limitation is the storage available through your hosting plan.
  • No Built-in CDN: Unlike third-party services, it doesn’t use advanced CDNs to speed up image loading.
  • Self-Managed Backups: You’re responsible for your own data backups, which could be risky if not managed properly.

Frequently Asked Questions


How secure is Sell Media Plugin ?

Security, the buzzword of the decade. Sell Media takes it seriously. It comes with secure download links, ensuring that your media is only accessible to those who’ve paid for it.

  • Secure Links: Only for paying customers
  • Data Protection: GDPR compliant
  • Payment Security: Integrated secure payment gateways

Can I offer discounts ?

Why, of course! Everyone loves a good deal. Sell Media allows you to create discount codes. You can set the percentage, the expiry date, and even limit its usage.

  • Discount Codes: Create your own
  • Settings: Percentage, expiry, limitations
  • Promotions: Run seasonal or event-based discounts

What about Customer Support ?

Ah, the unsung hero of any software. Sell Media offers robust customer support. They have a dedicated support team and a plethora of tutorials to guide you through the wilderness.

  • Support Team: Always there for you
  • Tutorials: Step-by-step guides
  • Community: Forums for additional help

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Sell Media Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Sell Media Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons