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In this review of Smart Podcast Player, you’ll find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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The podcast player built to extend the reach of your show
The web-based audio player that is used for podcasts may be implemented with the help of a plugin called Smart Podcast Player. The players may be made sticky or included in a post or page in a standalone capacity. The player that comes with the plugin has support for user-defined colors, a speed control, social sharing, and even an email opt-in integration built right into it.
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  • User-friendly
  • Responsive design
  • Highly customizable
  • Feature-rich
  • No live chat assistance
  • A bit expensive for beginners
  • Learning curve
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Dive into the world of podcasting like never before with Smart Podcast Player, the game-changing plugin that’s more than just a player. From customizable designs to analytics that offer invaluable insights into your audience, this is the tool that promises to revolutionize your podcasting journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, our comprehensive review will answer all your burning questions and reveal why Smart Podcast Player is the missing piece in your podcasting puzzle.

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What is Smart Podcast Player ?

Smart Podcast Player is a WordPress plugin designed for web-based audio podcasting. It offers both sticky and standalone embedded players for web pages or posts. The plugin is highly user-friendly and extensible, providing features like reliable podcast hosting and powerful analytics.

It was initially called the AskPat Player and was custom-built to showcase specific podcasts. The player allows for the use of shortcodes to highlight specific single episodes and enables podcast hosts to display their podcast directly onto their websites.

It also offers a library feature that allows listeners to explore past episodes.

Smart Podcast Player features

Uncover the extensive range of features that make Smart Podcast Player a powerhouse for podcasters.

smart podcast player features

Built-in Email Capture Tool

This feature allows for seamless email capture directly from the podcast player. It serves as a list-building tool, making it easier for podcasters to grow their audience by collecting email addresses.

Responsive Player

The Smart Podcast Player is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that it adapts to various screen sizes. This makes it accessible and user-friendly across different platforms and devices.

Social Sharing and Download

The player comes with built-in social sharing buttons, allowing listeners to easily share episodes on social media platforms. It also provides a download option for offline listening.

Powerful Transcript Plugin

This feature enables the display of episode transcripts within the player. It enhances accessibility and allows for a more interactive user experience.

Forward and Rewind Options

The player offers forward and rewind buttons, providing listeners with greater control over their listening experience.

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Multiple Player Modes

The Smart Podcast Player offers a variety of player modes, including full player mode, smart track player, and single-track player. This gives podcasters the flexibility to choose how they want to display their episodes.

Great Support

The plugin is known for its excellent customer support, ensuring that users have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Essential Analytics

The player comes with essential analytics features, providing insights into listener behavior and episode performance. This data can be invaluable for podcasters looking to optimize their content.

Pain-free Migration

The Smart Podcast Player offers a pain-free migration feature, making it easier for podcasters to switch from another service without losing any data or settings.

Smart Podcast Player pricing

Navigate the various pricing plans to find the one that perfectly aligns with your podcasting needs.

smart podcast player pricing


Starter Plan

  • Price: $7.50/month
  • Target Audience: For those who are new to podcasting and want to get their podcast out to the world.

Pro Plan

  • Price: $15.83/month
  • Target Audience: Aimed at podcasters who already have an audience and are looking to grow.

Free Plan

  • Price: $ 0
  • Features: Limited access to the Single Track Player with limited customizations.
  • Note: Contact for business and enterprise pricing.


  • Email Support: Available in all plans.
  • Premium Support: Available in Pro plan.


Using Smart Podcast Player is a strategic move for podcasters aiming for growth and audience engagement. The software offers a range of features like built-in email capture, essential analytics, and a responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes.

It also provides a pain-free migration feature, making it easier to switch from another service. The player is highly customizable, allowing you to match it with your brand’s aesthetics. It’s not just a player; it’s a comprehensive tool for podcasters who take their craft seriously.


  • User-Friendly: Designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
  • Feature-Rich: Offers a wide range of features including analytics, email capture, and transcript display.
  • Customizable: Allows for a high degree of customization to match your brand.
  • Responsive Design: Adapts to various screen sizes, making it accessible on multiple devices.


  • Cost: The Pro plan might be a bit expensive for beginners.
  • Learning Curve: With a plethora of features, it might take some time to fully utilize all the functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smart Podcast Player compatible with all podcast hosting services ?

Yes, Smart Podcast Player is designed to be compatible with most podcast hosting services. It works by pulling the RSS feed from your hosting service. Features include:

  • RSS Feed Support: Just input your RSS feed URL.
  • Multiple Podcast Support: Can handle more than one podcast feed.
  • Auto-Updates: Automatically updates when a new episode is released.

What are the system requirements ?

The system requirements for Smart Podcast Player are:

  • WordPress: Must be running WordPress 4.0 or higher.
  • PHP: PHP version 5.6 or higher is required.
  • Browser: Compatible with most modern web browsers.

Can I customize the look of the player?

Absolutely, customization is one of the strong points of Smart Podcast Player. You can:

  • Change Colors: Match the player with your brand colors.
  • Choose Layouts: Pick from different layout options.
  • Add Custom Buttons: Add your own call-to-action buttons.

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Smart Podcast Player Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Smart Podcast Player Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons