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A thriving business is built with happy customers
Strong Testimonials Pro is a WordPress plugin that streamlines the process of including testimonials into your website. The functionality of the free version is expanded upon in the commercial edition of the plugin, which also includes support for custom form fields, multiple submission forms, testimonial assignments, testimonials that are optimized for search engine optimization, and more.
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  • High caliber
  • Helps you use various forms to effectively gather testimonies
  • Offers recommendations in SEO-friendly format
  • 100,000 users globally
  • Your website may be managed and customized by you alone.
  • Many fantastic features are constrained in the free version.
  • Integration with Google and Facebook is not very sophisticated.
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You will get: High caliber Helps you use various forms to effectively gather testimonies Offers recommendations in SEO-friendly format 100,000 users globally Your website may be managed and customized by you alone.

What is Strong Testimonials Pro?

Nowadays, every company utilizes client testimonials to promote their goods and services. Customers that provide reviews of your services will surely have a big influence on your company since people trust individuals.

As a result, if you run a website, be sure to add some persuasive client testimonials from people who wish to discuss their experiences using your goods.

Let’s look at why testimonials may help your business soar before demonstrating how to write them and post them on your website.

Advantages of Testimonials

Nowadays, testimonials are a necessary tool for promoting your company or brand. They are designed to draw attention to the beneficial features of your services. Simply ask your devoted consumers to advertise your product in a few sentences, a video, a blog post, etc.

Testimonials are the best resources for persuading website visitors to purchase your goods. How is it even doable?

  • More sales come through testimonials since buyers tend to believe what other people have to say about products and services.
  • Build relationships with your clients by asking them to post reviews of your services. This will make them feel as though you and your company value their feedback. They will be more inclined to endorse your business if you do this.
  • Create a trustworthy brand by using testimonials on your website to establish credibility. Individuals are more prone to believe the opinions of other people than the claims made by the company itself.
  • Gather helpful criticism – When you ask for testimonials, you’ll get both good and negative responses. By keeping that in mind, you can determine what has to be changed about your services and how to improve them to attract more clients.


Strong Testimonials is the ideal choice for WordPress-using companies and brands who want to boost their conversion rates and establish trust. You may gather several testimonial kinds and upload them to your website along with star ratings and many more parameters with this simple-to-use WordPress plugin.

Strong Testimonials can be downloaded for free or by upgrading to one of the four payment tiers. The full package includes:

  • Unlimited views, including views for slideshows, static grids, forms, and static grids;
  • There are 11 available templates: default, card, elegant, minimalist, side, table, modern, bold, tiny widget, simple, and unstyled (the latter is for those who wish to utilize CSS);
  • Designs with fundamental font and background color choices;
  • There are four different layouts: regular, masonry, columns, and grid;
  • Custom fields, which let you add client information like their complete name, the company website, a video, and star ratings;
  • Custom post types should be assigned testimonials;
  • Create and customize a variety of forms to gather client testimonials;
  • Customers may choose their nation while posting reviews using the “Country Selector” feature.
  • SEO-friendly references
  • Enhanced emails: when your customers’ testimonials are accepted, send them a “thank you” email;
  • Spam prevention;
  • Import customer reviews from Zomato, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and WooCommerce;
  • Filters: organize your testimonies into categories to narrow them down;
  • Management of roles
  • Subscribe your users to a MailChimp email list automatically.

Strong Testimonials is a great option for everyone, novice or expert alike. It is simple to use, adapts to different screen sizes, and doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Strong Testimonials Pro Pricing: How much does the Strong Testimonials Pro costs?

Strong Testimonials Pro offers three pricing plans. Those are Basic, Plus and Business. The price of those plans are $29, $49 and $69 per year respectively. You can choose the plan which is the best fit for you.

Strong Testimonials Pro Pricing Plans

Strong Testimonials Pricing

Last Words

To increase sales, Strong Testimonials makes it simple for you to gather and show client feedback on your website. It is simple to use, adaptable to mobile devices, and a great way to display customer reviews.

You may gather and post your reviews in a few easy steps, which can improve website conversion rates. Both experts and beginners will love this plugin.

Strong Testimonials will take your business to new heights!

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Strong Testimonials Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Strong Testimonials Pro Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons