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In this review of Tasty Links, you’ll find more information about its features, price, pros and cons and why you should consider using it.

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A must-have WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers and bloggers
This plugin, which is aimed at affiliate marketers, is called Tasty Links, and its primary function is to automatically connect keywords in order to increase affiliate earnings. The plugin provides control over the locations of the links, and it has other features such as the ability to optionally include disclosure information following affiliate link placements.
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  • Granular control
  • Automated keyword linking
  • SEO compliance
  • Disclosure text
  • Active development
  • No free plan
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You will get: Granular control Automated keyword linking SEO compliance Disclosure text Active development

Ready to turn your blog into a money-making machine without lifting more than a finger? Meet Tasty Links, the WordPress plugin that’s like having a personal butler for your affiliate marketing needs.

From automating keyword linking to keeping Google happy with SEO-friendly attributes, this plugin does it all. Read on to discover why Tasty Links is the secret sauce you’ve been missing in your blogging recipe. 🌟

Tasty Links cover

What is Tasty Links ?

Tasty Links is a WordPress plugin designed to automate the process of linking keywords across your blog posts. It aims to maximize affiliate revenue by populating your site with affiliate links.

The plugin offers granular control over where these links appear within your content. It also supports “nofollow” and “sponsored” attributes for search engine compliance.

Additional features include the ability to add disclosure text after links, create a featured links block, and integrate with Tasty Recipes for enhanced functionality.

Tasty Links features

Ready to meet the Swiss Army knife of WordPress plugins? Let’s dive into the features that make Tasty Links the ultimate sidekick for your affiliate marketing adventures.

Tasty Links features 1


Autolink Keywords

Automatically links keywords in your content. Place a specific tag in the text editor where you want the keywords to be linked automatically.

Maximize Affiliate Revenue

Populates affiliate links across your site using affiliate URLs in your Tasty Links, aiming to increase your affiliate revenue.

Control Where Links Show Up

Provides granular control over the placement of your links. You can specify where in the post the links should appear, such as in titles or headlines.

Tasty Links features 3

Link to Awesome Blog Content

Allows you to create an auto-link when saving your content, making it easier to link to important pages or posts on your blog.

Nofollow and Sponsored Affiliate Links

Enables you to add “nofollow” and “sponsored” attributes to your links, ensuring compliance with search engine recommendations.

Add Disclosure Text After Links

Offers the ability to add custom disclosure text after any link you place on your page, providing transparency to your audience.

Tasty Links features 2

Automatically Add Amazon Affiliate Images

Automatically adds Amazon affiliate product images to your links, enhancing the affiliate value of your site.

Manage Links

Allows you to manage all active links from a single page, providing a centralized location for link management.


The plugin is 100% responsive, ensuring that it functions well on all types of devices.

Tasty Links pricing

Hold onto your wallets, folks! We’re about to break down the numbers and see if Tasty Links is the golden ticket or just another hole in your pocket.

Tasty Links pricing


All Access Plan

    • Price: $299/year (Normally $349)
    • Includes: All WP Tasty plugins for 25 websites
    • Priority Support

Tasty Links

    • Price: Starting at $49/year (Normally $99 – 249)
    • Functionality: Automatically create links for keywords

Other plans :

  • Tasty Recipes
    • Price: Starting at $49/year (Normally $99 – 249)
    • Functionality: Create beautiful recipe cards
  • Tasty Roundups
        • Price: Starting at $49/year (Normally $99 – 249)
        • Functionality: Curate content into roundup lists
  • Tasty Pins
    • Price: Starting at $29/year (Normally $49 – 179)
    • Functionality: Optimize images for SEO and Pinterest

All pricing is in USD. Plans can be upgraded or canceled at any time. Special introductory pricing is available, and renewals are at full price. A 100% no-risk, money-back guarantee is offered for 14 days.


Tasty Links is a must-have WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers and bloggers who aim to maximize their affiliate revenue without the hassle of manual linking.

The plugin automatically links keywords across your posts to designated URLs, giving you control over link placements. It also supports “nofollow” and “sponsored” attributes for SEO compliance and allows for custom disclosure text after each link.

The plugin is particularly useful for food bloggers, integrating seamlessly with Tasty Recipes to add affiliate or sponsored links directly into recipe cards.


  • Automated Keyword Linking: Saves time by automatically linking keywords in your content.
  • SEO Compliance: Supports “nofollow” and “sponsored” attributes.
  • Granular Control: Allows you to specify where links should appear in your posts.
  • Disclosure Text: Adds transparency by allowing custom disclosure text after links.
  • Active Development: The plugin is continuously updated with new features.


  • No Free Plan: There is no free version available, which might be a barrier for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it play well with SEO ?

You betcha! Tasty Links is the good kid in the SEO classroom. It lets you add “nofollow” and “sponsored” attributes to your links. So, Google won’t give you the stink eye.

What’s this about disclosure text ?

Ah, transparency! The plugin lets you add custom disclosure text after any link. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m making money off this link, but I still love you.”

Can I highlight my favorite links ?

Absolutely! If you’re using the WordPress Gutenberg editor, you can create a “Featured Links Block” to showcase your fave affiliate or sponsored links. It’s like putting your best foot forward, but for links.

What if I’m a food blogger ?

Well, aren’t you in luck! Tasty Links integrates seamlessly with Tasty Recipes. You can add affiliate or sponsored links directly into your recipe cards. It’s like sprinkling some extra cheese on your pizza.

Is support available ?

Oh, they’ve got your back! Unlimited support is available to solve whatever first-world problems you might run into.

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Tasty Links Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons
Tasty Links Review, Pricing, Pros and Cons